Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Continuing on with a brief review of the poems of Book X to this point. Moonsun desires to bestow the gift of heaven, Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings as the joyous life, upon all human minds and to do so is discerning the sincerity of all human minds wherever they may be. Having determined the condition of the human mind, Moonsun has crafted and to put into motion a step by step path that will result in the purification of all human minds. The way of this purification is such that step by step Moonsun will enter into each and every body to begin “free and unlimited workings”.  Though Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings cannot be limited to a definition, we are promised that they include such things as never falling ill, dying or becoming weakened.  To guide us onto the step by step path of the purification of the mind, Moonsun provides us with returns on our current use of mind. Concerning those returns Moonsun does not tell us to do anything, these returns are solely Moonsun’s doing. The realization of the promise of sharing Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings comes to the mind that knows and returns to its true origin; once again becoming single-hearted with Moonsun. 

To ensure that all people in all times and places have access to the path that purifies the mind, Moonsun has begun the Service of the Kanrodai, the Service of the Parent of Origin. The Service that, when done single-heartedly, guarantees salvation, no matter how serious our illness may be.

Through these poems we are informed that it is Moonsun’s intention that the work of teaching the way to purify the mind so that it can return to its origin is to be done by human intermediaries. After discerning the minds of these intermediaries Moonsun intends that they will carry the way of single-hearted salvation to the entire world. We are told that when the Service is completed the Kanrodai will be set up “of its own accord”. From Moonsun’s point of view the completion of the service and the setting up of the Kanrodai will be accomplished of their own accord when all of the minds of the world have been purified and have returned to their origin. From our point of view this is the process of universal single-hearted salvation.

 To accomplish this universal salvation Moonsun will need a great number of intermediaries. Though it may seem like an impossible task to our limited self-centered imaginations, we are assured that Moonsun will discern the service performers and “draw them all forth all over the world”. One assumes that Moonsun is referring to returning minds all over the world to the truth of their origin and the free and unlimited workings that flow from that truth.

 X 37-40

No matter where these people may be,

Moonsun will do this by free and unlimited workings. 

As has been mentioned before, there can be no complete definition of Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings as that would contradict itself by limiting free and unlimited workings to the definition. Be that as it may, Moonsun has given us examples of the places that Moonsun’s free and workings manifest themselves as well as examples of the kinds of things that flow from those free and unlimited workings. A way to “see” Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings in our own body is to identify in ourself those things that are not free and unlimited and discount them in our pondering. In general we find it much easier to identify our physical limitations then our mental limitations. Illness and troubles present opportunities for us to test our actual freedom or limitation. A common notion is that we are free to think whatever we want to. That assumption can be easily tested by trying to break an established habit or by attempting to change one’s conditioned thinking. 

Moonsun can discern and gather minds in all times, places and levels of spiritual maturity by free and unlimited workings. Moonsun isn’t limited and can speak to us in whatever way is appropriate for our level of maturity, time and place. That is to say that the truth of origin is not limited by the conditioning of those three categories of limitations.The self-centered imagination however  is limited to self-centered notions and finds it difficult to act outside of limiting conditioned conventions as concerns all three categories. Having returned to the origin however, Moonsun’s intermediaries then will also be able to teach the purification of the mind, so that each mind can return to the truth of origin, through Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings. Which is to say in a manner appropriate for the time, place and spiritual maturity of those minds that would seek Moonsun’s salvation. Recall that Moonsun has entered into human bodies and is intimately working from within while Moonsun’s intermediaries are also working from the outside to try and help us to complete the Service and remove the obstacle that keeps us from being aware of Moonsun’s presence within us. The whole universe is the body of Moonsun. It is only the human self-centered imagination that, by its very nature, is unable to “see” that one original truth.

Check it out. Let the self-centered imagination (the mental voice that calls itself “I”) settle and “see” for yourself free and unlimited workings as Moonsun rushes out. How grateful I am. 

After the performers are assembled step by step,

I shall discern their sincerity and assign their roles.

The essential ingredient in the effort to complete the service is “sincerity”. Only the truly sincere mind can be settled and purified while awake.

 To explain what the roles are to be:

ten for the Kagura and others for the musical instruments.

The Kagura and the Kanrodai are maintained as the model service for the purification of the human mind through Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings even to this day.

 If only this assemblage is quickly completed,

nothing will remain that cannot be achieved. 

I think that Moonsun intended to quickly have the performers assembled and the service competed so that intermediaries could quickly spread out all over the world and by virtue of Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings show the way to single-hearted salvation in ways appropriate for time, place and spiritual maturity. Thus hastening our return to the origin and the joyous life for all human beings. Unfortunately our relationship with Moonsun concerning this matter has always been one of disappointment. Never the less the effort continues and Moonsun continues to tirelessly work to find a way to draw our minds back to the origin and hasten single-hearted salvation for all mankind equally even if by a moment sooner.

When we look at the condition of the world of self-centered worldly common thought paths, the future freedom and prosperity of mankind and the future freedom and prosperity of our children continues to be at risk. I believe that if we take the time to calm our minds and honestly ponder the limits of our self-centered imaginations, we will be able to see that the ability to distinguish between what is imaginary and what is original is the only way for all of us to live together and savor a free and unlimited life of joy?