Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

As we continue to pursue Moonsun’s change in topic, I think it might be of some value to note that though the topic has changed, Moonsun’s sole intention that universal single-hearted salvation be quickly realized has not. This change in topic then is an important expression and example of the perfect Model of Parental love. Though Moonsun is steadfast and unwavering in hastening the intended universal spiritual awakening of all mankind, because of Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings, Moonsun is also able to change topics and address individual human beings freely and unlimitedly.  Thus modeling a path of single-hearted salvation according to each person’s temperament and maturity as manifest in a particular time and place. We can rest assured that God the Parent knows each child intimately. Loving and caring for each of us equally as much as we, in our self centered worldly common thoughts, will allow it.

X 45-49

Until now, those of Kara have been boastfully thriving,

But they also have been taught by Tsukihi.

 The human self-centered imagination is “Kara”. This is to say that it is foreign to and  alienated from its original, native and natural place. Note the truth, denied by the self-centered imagination, that is expressed here. That is that “Kara” the self-centered imagination is also “taught”, that is to say that it, like everything else, is the work of Moonsun. Everything after all is known to be Moonsun and what Moonsun says and does when the self-centered imagination that denies that truth is quiet. 

 This time, returning to the origin,

Tsukihi will clearly reveal the whole root of the tree. 

It is Moonsun’s intention that we return our mind to its original condition and in so doing clearly see the origin and truth of any and everything. The “root” is the truth of origin and the “tree” is the world that rises out of it. To see the “root” clearly is to turn away from the “tree” just long enough to realize its truth.

 There is perhaps no one anywhere who clearly knows

the origin of this world.

 The current foundation of our thinking is the marvel taught by Moonsun that is the self-centered imagination. The self-centered imagination is the marvel of marvels, has been taught by Moonsun and is not essentially evil. It is however the only obstacle to single-hearted salvation because, though imaginary, it appears to be marvelously real and authentic. We human beings are enthralled with our self-centered imagination and find that we do not want to be without it for even for a  waking moment. Unfortunately the self-centered imagination cannot imagine the fundamental reality that is its own origin. The self-centered imagination covers over the world with our individual imaginary musings, the state of our mind becoming the state of our world and that is the problem. We cannot clearly know the origin of this world, which is fundamentally real, as long as we view the world through the self-centered imagination.

 If  you but clearly know this origin,

You will always be assured, wherever you may go. 

The assurance is that after returning to the origin, we too will have Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings and will be able to help others return to the origin as shown in the Model of Parental Love. That is freely and unlimitedly in ways appropriate for time, place and spiritual maturity.  

What do you think on hearing this talk?

I desire to train My intermediaries in this.

 As always, since the verse asks a question, it is suggested that those who would seek to benefit from it might best make use of this time to pause and to honestly answer it. 

And so it is that Moonsun desires to train intermediaries. Past, present and future “Yoboku” (timbers to be used in the construction of a world of the joyous life that flows from awakening to Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings) in the many ways of serving the truth of origin that resolve into the one path of return to the origin. So that they can, if they wish to do so, be instrumental in hastening universal single-hearted salvation for all humankind.

This world is made up of the free and unlimited workings of God the Parent. And the only way for us to receive these mysterious and wondrous workings is to be honest and obedient in following the Divine Model demonstrated by Oyasama.  

The 3rd Shinbashira January 26, 1988

 If we just study well what we have been taught, we should be able to find an answer. This is why God says: “ Why are you not preparing to dig up the root?” This is why God has drawn you in here from outside. 

The 3rd Shinbashira October 27, 1991

 In order for you young people to become fully capable of taking the lead, I want you to have the conviction that your essential role as pioneers of the path is to quickly get your mind to inquire into the Origin in an appropriate order.

The 2nd Shinbashira June 27, 1953 My Hopes for the Young