Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

X: 41 –44

 From today, I shall change the topic step by step

and speak solely of things you have not known before.

 We human beings know quite a bit about the world and I think it would be nice for our self-centered gratification to have Moonsun, the Parent of Origin, endorse some bit of our worldly common, self-centered knowledge as being the ultimate truth. Alas, that is not to be. Instead, Moonsun is asking us to prepare our minds to awaken to something that we, as a species, have not as yet known. Marvelous as the knowledge and worldly common truths that flow from our self-centered thinking have been, it is just not the kind of knowledge that Moonsun is trying to get us to awaken to. It is extremely difficult to communicate and to receive something that we have no prior knowledge of. We do not know how to relate to such a thing and it is through relationships that we store our ordinary worldly common knowledge, (single-heartedness with Moonsun is not a relationship, it is an identity). Moonsun understands our problem and is willing to guide us through the reflection, honesty and sincerity that gradually opens the mind to the acceptance of that simple fact. Moonsun then, is hastening a fundamental change in the way we perceive and understand the world. It can be said that as a species the current state of our world reflects, as an immediate return, our slowness to accept and act upon this fact.

 Even until now, there have been various paths,

but there is nothing that has not been taught by Tsukihi.

 Though Moonsun wishes us to understand something entirely new, a truth that is not of the order of worldly common self-centered knowledge, Moonsun also wants us to know that our efforts to understand our place in the universe thus far have not been in vain. Those paths from our past to our present have also been taught by Moonsun (a fact which should not surprise us, since according to “the reason of heaven” any and everything is the body of Moonsun and any and everything is what Moonsun says and does) and were appropriate enough for the early stages of our development.

Though Tsukihi has already taught you

most everything step by step,

 This refers to our step by step triumphs, as a species, in deciphering the ways of worldly causality.  We know a great deal about what appears to be outside of us. That is to say, how the world works. We know these truths through the power of the marvel that is the self-centered imagination. The self-centered imagination is indeed so marvelous that we have become entirely devoted to it. We are totally immersed in the products of our imaginations. It is through the marvel that is the self-centered imagination that we see and interpret the world.

 This time, I shall teach you further

all the truths yet unknown to you.

 Having developed step by step as a species to the point where we freely wield the power of the self-centered imagination, Moonsun is now hastening us to take the next step. It is time for us to go beyond the limited marvel that is the self-centered imagination and awaken to the marvel that is the free and unlimited power of the Origin.  A power and a truth that as we make our way through the darkness of our self-centered imaginations is unknown to us even though it is most intimate and always available to us.