Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

X: 33-36

If only this is surely completed,

the Service each month will be done without error.

This verse refers to the four verses that go before it. And in so doing defines the way "completed" is to be understood in this verse. In those four verses we are shown a general plan for completing the path of world single-hearted salvation. The first step in the plan involves the preparations for the performers. A careful examination of the Model Life leads, I think, to the generalization that those preparations need take into account the time, place and spiritual maturity of the human minds that are seeking salvation. The second step in the completion of the plan is to help the gathered performers understand that though the Service and the Stand involve the use of outward physical signs, they are essentially only outward signs that indicate an inward process of mental purification. The third step is to explain, by using those outward signs, that the path is about the way and the practice of  settling, or purifying the self-centered imagination so that only the original mind of the parent remains. The fourth step shows us the scope of the intention of the parent of origin. It is intended that the four steps that are modeled here be used by those who would be instruments of God the Parent's single-hearted salvation to the end that all of the minds of the world can be shown the way to return to the origin. 

If only the Service is done without error,

the Gift of Heaven, also, will be given without fail.

The totally purified mind is the Service done without error and to that mind is given the free and unlimited joyous life. On a global scale that "Gift of Heaven" will be universal single-hearted salvation and the joyous life for all people equally. 

This path is a path of true sincerity and is difficult to follow.

Everyone must ponder well.

Though the truth of origin is natural and simple, the path to return to that truth is a difficult one to follow. Simply put, though the parent of origin does not make any judgment concerning the contents of our self-centered imaginations, it is just a plain physical fact that we cannot take any part of our self-centered imagination back as we return to the truth of origin. It is like an object that is too large to fit through a door. We can with great effort cut that object up into much smaller pieces, even grinding it down to dust, but by the time we finish cutting it up it will be pretty mangled and will probably no longer have anything in common with the object that we started with anyway. As for the pieces, even pieces as small as dust, still will not fit through the door. It is perhaps better just to trust the instructions of God the Parent and leave the self-centered imagination behind. I know that many of us may find this to be a scary notion but recall that the parent of origin is inviting us to just drop in for a test taste so that we can judge for ourselves if single-heartedness with the mind of the parent is better for us or not. At the very least a short visit will afford us with the opportunity to distinguish between what is original and what is imaginary. True sincerity is the state of the mind that can fit through the door and return to the origin. It is physically impossible to "fool" the door, so if we desire to return to the origin and find that we cannot, it is time to ponder over what it is that we are holding on to that is keeping us from returning. 

You may not know where these performers are. 

Moonsun will discern them and draw them all forth. 

This is good news for those who have determined in their mind that they will become teachers and performers of the Service. That is to say that they have dedicated themselves to purifying their own minds as well as helping others to do the same. They need only maintain the model and keep open  the path of return as outlined in the four steps above. Holding out the path, that purifies and returns the mind to its origin, to all in the world equally. If we but follow the instructions honestly and sincerely, Moonsun will bring to the path each mind in the appropriate order for the causality of origin.