Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


We continue following the unfolding of Moonsun’s intention to train “intermediaries” in the way to awakening to the knowledge of  “the origin of this world”, so that those intermediaries  would be able to go anywhere and freely teach that truth to all mankind.  

X: 50 – 52

 All that Moonsun desires is to have the whole world know

the origin of human beings. 

Of course the tricky part of this one desire is that the knowledge of the “origin of human beings” is fundamentally different from what we ordinarily expect knowledge to be. That makes it difficult and indeed impossible for us to understand that knowledge in our usual worldly common way.

 If this truth becomes quickly known to all humankind,

My talks will be understood. 

Think about this. Ordinarily we expect that knowledge and understanding will come after we have accumulated and understood the proper ideas and concepts. Often with the expectation that  some period of time will also have to pass in the effort to accumulate the an understanding of the ideas that make up that knowledge.  In the case of the truth of origin, the origin of human beings, however, understanding Moonsun’s talks, the truth of any and everything, comes from awakening to just that one truth. The expectation is that the truth of origin is something that is to be known quickly and directly without the mediation of any ideas or thoughts.

 No matter how I strive to explain My teachings,

unless I teach you the origin…

 The teachings of Moonsun contain topics that freely and without limitation point to the way to awaken to the truth of origin quickly and also show the way to the joyous life however those teachings cannot be realized without actually returning to and knowing the truth of origin.