Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


X: 62-67

 When the inner most hearts of a great number of

people all over the world have been purified,

 The task at hand for Moonsun, acting through human intermediaries is to purify the innermost hearts of a great number of people all over the world. Purification implies the taking out of impurities (settling the self-centered imagination), nothing needs to be added save true sincerity. The process is one of removal. Moonsun’s intermediaries are then able to accomplish this process of purification on a universal scale because they share Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings, by virtue of having purified their own minds, knowing and becoming, once again, single-hearted with Moonsun, the truth of origin.

 Then the mind of Moonsun will spring forth spiritedly,

and I shall teach you everything about all matters. 

When the self-centered imagination, which covers the innermost heart, is settled and made clear, then Moonsun, ever present but depressed and held back by the “weight” of  the self-centered imagination, springs forth and the mind is able to see all things in a new light. Free and unlimited, in ways that the limited self-centered imagination cannot. 

Moonsun desires to teach the truth of everything

to all humankind equally. 

We can use this verse as a guide for identifying the self-centered imagination and dealing with it as Moonsun suggests. If we honestly and sincerely ponder the implications of Moonsun’s desire to teach all mankind equally, then we can see that the usual concerns of the self-centered imagination will have to fall away to conform to the intention of teaching the truth of everything to “all mankind equally”. Once this intention is sincerely embraced the task at hand is clearly exposed.  All human beings have what we call a mind and we all have a self-centered imagination. It remains then for Moonsun’s intermediaries to teach the purification of the mind to each and every self-centered imagination, in a way appropriate for that self-centered imagination, no matter what its time, place or level of spiritual maturity might be. This huge task is of course is possible because the necessary equanimity toward one’s fellow human beings flows naturally from Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings and those same free and unlimited workings are shared by Moonsun’s intermediaries.

 Tsukhi desires you to have a sincere mind

because I wish to train you in all matters.

 By my reading, the sincere mind is the purified mind. It is the “sincere”, ”purified” mind that is capable of knowing and understanding Moonsun’s teaching and intention.

 In what do you think I wish to train you by this talk?

For the countless courses of paths from now on.

 Moonsun is training intermediaries for universal single-hearted salvation for all mankind, in all times, places and at all levels of spiritual maturity. The “countless courses of paths from now on”, represent the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun’s intermediaries as they go about the business of purifying all human minds equally. This is the equivalent of the promise to enter into the muddy water to make it clear. 

Until today, you have not been able to see anything.

But when the time draws near, things will be seen naturally.

 Moonsun understands that as long as we continue to view the world with the self-centered imagination as the foundation for our thoughts and actions we will be unable to understand what Moonsun is trying to teach us. The model that is taught, however, will settle the self-centered imagination, so that gradually the truth will be seen. This theme differs from many of the others in that Moonsun is here looking for “intermediaries” to commit, knowingly and sincerely to the process of purifying the mind and the spread of that process throughout the entire world.

In this theme of intention and instruction it is important to recall that the instruction does not imply the accumulation of ideas as in worldly common instruction. Rather, when step by step, the mind is purified and the self-centered imagination settles, the world appears to the human mind as it naturally is, rather than as it had been imagined to be. Smile, look and see it that way now.

 To seek to make fast progress is not inherently harmful; the fault lies in leaving out some of the procedures or steps that need to be taken. Consider this point carefully. 

The Second Shinbashira, June 27,1953 MHFTY

If we can grasp the true meaning of the parental love shown in the Divine Model, we shall then see things we had not been able to see before, we shall understand things we were not able to understand before, we shall be joyful over things that gave us no joy before, and we shall be infused with high spirits we had not known before. A new path of single-hearted salvation will surely be opened before us.

The Third Shinbashira, February 18, 1986