Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


X: 77-80 

The matter of the Kanrodai at this time

is also that which has been unknown before. 

Moonsun, we are informed, is free and unlimited in utilizing “things which never existed” to teach us that which has been unknown to us. The truth of the Kanrodai, which is the Parent of Origin and the very definition of all that exists, is unknown to the human mind while it is functioning with the self-centered imagination as its foundation, and as such is neither free nor unlimited in its workings. Bound as it is to try and attach to, relate to, or make sense of anything truly unknown, by likening it to something in the imagination which is already known.  This is the problem with setting up the Kanrodai, awakening to or understanding the truth of origin. The self-centered imagination tries to relate to the teaching concerning the truth of origin by likening it to something already in the imagination. This way of learning however will not work with the truth of origin because it is not imaginary and though it is their origin it is not like any of the imaginings that rise out of it.

 Moonsun understands this problem and is training intermediaries to enter into the self-centered imaginations of the whole world and utilize imaginary things (“things which never existed”), things that we can relate to in a particular time and place and level of maturity, to guide each of us out of the darkness of the self-centered imagination and back to the truth of origin. All of which is happening, intimately, between Moonsun’s warm parental heart and the marvelous creation (the self centered imagination) that is Moonsun’s child, within our own mind. 

In poetic terms one might say that God has entered into the mud of our minds and will make them clear so that we can see the truth through our own mind.  

Whatever is said, it is all by Moonsun.

I speak because I desire to teach you things unknown.

 We might be tempted to think that the fact that Miki Nakayama’s mind was replaced by Moonsun’s mind would have been apparent to anyone who saw Her or heard Her teach. We know however, that that was not the case.

 Moonsun is speaking through Miki’s mouth because Moonsun acts in the world through instruments and according to the rules (causality) of instruments. The intention then is to recreate a world where human beings can distinguish between what is real and original and what is imaginary, with having free and unlimited use of both as goal.  That is to say an entirely new world of joyous life, inhabited by human beings who know the total truth of self and the world.

That I place the Kanrodai in this Residence

is proof that I began human beings.

 The mind of the Parent of Origin has entered (replaced) Miki’s mind. That is the proof that it can be done but we can only confirm that proof in our own mind, through our own single-heartedness with Moonsun.

Beginning everything in this way,

I shall purify the minds of the whole world.

 That Miki Nakayama had the causality of origin, a totally settled, purified mind, and as a result had Her self-centered imagination  replaced by Moonsun’s mind is the beginning of the remarkable path of single-hearted salvation with God the Parent as the Model for all human beings to purify their minds and also return to the origin and single-heartedness with Moonsun.

 The self-centered imagination is Moonsun’s child in the warm loving embrace of moonsun’s body. Smile and with your eyes open let your imagination settle and know that truth. It is remarkable and the hope for the future isn’t it.


 What attitude should you take toward learning? The most important thing is to lay a foundation that will allow your abilities to support your steady inquiry into the truth. Think about this seriously.

 The 2nd Shinbashira, February 8,1953 – MHFTY pg. 21