Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


X: 90-96 

Unaware of this, what are you in the high places thinking?

You cannot understand My heart. Oh, the regret of Tsukihi…

 Certainly “you in the high places” must refer to its worldly common meaning of the authorities who were interfering with and attempting to suppress the opening of a path of single hearted salvation. Then again, considering that the verse is written from the point of view of the “root” and “core” it could refer to the self-centered imagination as it rises up pure in a pond in the high mountains and as it does so is mixed with dirt. Viewed in that way, from that point of view, we are all the people in “high places”.  Regardless, the people in the high places could not understand Moonsun’s heart. We each can see for ourselves where we fit into the picture. 

Whatever Divine Record is accomplished at this place,

it will be a treasure for Nihon.

 The Divine Record that is spoken of is the record of Moonsun’s intermediaries and their tireless efforts to open a path of return, with its foundation in the origin (Nihon) and in so doing spread the way for each and every human being to return to the origin and the free and unlimited workings that flow from that knowledge and understanding.

 All humankind, settle your minds and ponder.

Prepare quickly to wait for the Divine Record.

 The instruction to settle our minds and ponder should not be surprising however when we attempt to do so we may find that it is much easier said than done. It is for that reason that true sincerity is the prime ingredient for staying on the path.

 Hurry up and wait, “prepare quickly to wait” is an interesting instruction. I think it means “hurry and quickly purify your mind because the path is opening before you and you don’t want to miss it”. 

I am a procrastinator and know that it is often the case that when something needs to be done one way of avoiding doing it is to do something else first with great sincerity. For instance: rearranging all the furniture in one’s office instead of writing a letter that needs to be written.

 When the true Divine Record has been accomplished,

Tsukihi will spread everything whatever.

 The “true Divine Record” refers to the numerous paths opened and maintained by Moonsun’s intermediaries that show all the minds of the world, in ways appropriate for the time, place and maturity of all human beings, the way to purify the mind and awaken to the truth of origin and single hearted salvation.

 Though I say that Tsukihi will spread it,

the minds of all of you may not understand.

Though the work of world salvation, like everything else, is Moonun’s doing.  Moonsun works in the universe through instruments. In this case it is intended that the instruments of single-hearted salvation be human intermediaries (today’s yoboku).

 In this regard, I firmly request you, My intermediaries.

Please comply. 

Moonsun is not interested in forcing anybody to do anything. Rather we human beings are reasoned with and asked to voluntarily become instrumental in the cause of universal single-hearted salvation. The approach is of course consistent with the way that causality actually is. Growing as it does out of the origin and functioning in the world as the perfect model of parental love. Each child nurtured and cared for according to need.

When the day of the appointed time comes,

there will be no knowing when or where Tsukihi will go.

 When the purified human mind matches the causality of origin then Moonsun will rush out as free and unlimited workings in the world. There is no other causality that can explain or predict when or where that will be. Free and unlimited means just that. It is the truth that cannot be bound to or limited by any definition.