Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

X: 97-100

Day by day, calm your minds firmly, My intermediaries,

and begin quickly.

Those who would be Moonsun’s intermediaries are hastened to calm their self-centered imaginations and quickly begin to ponder the ways to teach all human being how to do the same in ways that are appropriate for time, place and level of spiritual maturity.

What are all of you thinking of this path?

It is not easy to understand it. 

Following the model, calm, purify, settle the mind and teach others to do the same. That is what I think of the path that is shown. I think it is a good idea for each of us to seriously and honestly answer these questions when they are asked.

Though indeed it is not an easy path to understand, I think it is coming clearly into sight. Though there are many days and times when I wonder off of the path, still the Parent of Origin calls to me and remains ever ready with a warm and reassuring embrace upon my return. How grateful I am.

By all means, Moonsun will complete this path,

holding fast to the mind of sincerity.

Completing the path of universal single-hearted salvation “by all means”, fulfils the promise to train intermediaries how to teach each of us to calm and purify our mind in a way that is appropriate for our time, place and level of spiritual maturity, each and every child equally, according to need.

Holding fast to the mind of sincerity, the mind like clear water, the mind that has settled and returned to its origin, the mind of single-hearted sincerity, the mind wherein the self-centered imagination has been replaced by the intention of Moonsun.

When this path has reached the high places,

I shall do My free and unlimited workings. 

This of course could mean that the full development of the path depends upon the support of those who, in worldly common terms, could be considered as leaders and authorities. It could also be referring to the path rising up from its foundation in the origin, the root and core of our being and "rushing out" into the world through human instruments as they, one by one and step by step awaken to the truth of origin and Moonusn's free and unlimited workings. 

Today, when rapid social changes are shaking people's sense of values and undermining the ties of the heart, it is all the more important for us to emulate the Divine Model of Oyasama without being swept along by the current of the times, so that we may take genuine steps along the path of unchanging sincerity and reflect that sincerity to society at large.
I hope that all of us endeavoring to follow the path will orient our minds toward our shared goal and make a concerted effort to advance single-hearted salvation, thereby responding to the profound intension of Oyasama, who opened the portals of the Shrine to step out and level the ground, saying, "I shall save the world from now."
Our predecessors joined their sincere efforts and did everything in their power to prepare for the anniversaries of Oyasama, which they saw as marking crucial stages in their quest for spiritual growth. In order that we might bring forth further fruits by building on what they achieved, I strongly request that all of us rise up spiritedly and fulfill our tasks in a unity of mind.

October 26, Tenrikyo 165 (2002)
Zenji Nakayama
The Shinbashira