Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XI: 61-64

Tsukihi will speak solely about things which have never 

existed before at any place. Listen with this understanding. 

Moonsun wants us all to be able to distinguish between what is original (seeing things as they are) and what is imaginary (the creative product of our self-centered imagination). 

We are advised to listen to what Moonsun says with the understanding that Moonsun will be speaking about things which do not and have never existed. This is very much in keeping with Moonsun's promise to inform us of everything in advance. Understanding this fundamental element of the "model path" is an important part of the training for those who will be Moonsun's instruments. 

 Now when we ponder this we can see that the contents of our self-centered imagination are also cluttered with things that do not exist. We can each easily test this. Sit at a table opposite any other person and draw their attention to any common object on the table. Though from different points of view you will both be able to agree upon the identification of the object. This is a very simple example of "seeing things as they are". 

Now ask that same person to acknowledge that the same object is in fact divine or a gift from space aliens or anything that you wish to imagine. You will now be speaking not of the object as it is but as you imagine it to be. It is very likely that the person you are speaking with will not agree with what you are proposing. This then will be understood as being your personal belief. Not as the thing actually is but as you believe (or imagine)  it to be. It is usually rather easy for us to see this process in other people but rather difficult for us to see it in our self. Moonsun is aware of our difficulty and so tries to work with us within the contents of our imagination. 

If on the other hand you manage to convince the person that you are speaking with that what you imagine is indeed true of the object, then the two of you will share what is called a consensus reality. Cultures are collections of consensus realities. Moonsun is not interested in promoting any particular consensus reality but understands that in order to be able to reason with a self-centered imagination or a collection of self-centered imaginations (a culture) it will be necessary to speak and use terms that are appropriate for those imaginations in their own time, their own place and according to the level of their spiritual maturity.  

There are other things also going on with this theme. Take note of the instruction that things that are being spoken of never existed at any place before.

The whole theme that is unfolding seems to indicate events, agents and places whose significance is in the past. If they did not exist in the past or at any time or place we might well wonder what their significance is. 

Though I speak solely about such things that do not exist,

watch the future: everything is the truth. 

Here then is their significance. Though they themselves are creations of the imagination, they  have been crafted to be appropriate for a particular time, place and level of spiritual maturity with the specific intention that they point unerringly to the truth of origin. Moonsun is modeling the use of person, place, thing, action and concept to show how the future intermediaries should craft the one path, that appears as many paths, that leads unerringly to single-hearted salvation for all human beings equally. 

Since I do new and marvelous things in any case,

whatever I say is about things that do not yet exist. 

The emphasis here is on the word "new".  The intention after all is for the recreation of a "new" world of joyous life. It is the conditioning of the self-centered imagination that clings to the dust and debris of the past as if it has some great value. 

Think about it. What is being shown here is definitely not the worldly common way. It is a marvelous intention ( single-hearted salvation for all human beings equally), a marvelous path ( the purification and awakening of all human minds in ways appropriate for time, place and maturity) and a marvelous model (a step by step demonstration of how to open a path in a particular time, place and for various levels of spiritual maturity).

It is all going on simultaneously in these poems. In the past we have spoken of this multi level kind of presentation as being open to three general interpretations. The interpretation of a child, a parent and a single-hearted interpretation. 

I speak solely of those things that do not exist,

but watch the future: the wonders you shall see. 

More than once we have been asked to ponder over the way the path has been opened from the origin. The model is a marvel and a wonder in itself. Still a greater wonder by far is the truth of origin that is given to the totally sincere mind. 

Take a moment and with your eyes wide open, distinguish between things as they are and the voice of the self-centered imagination. Look forward with high spirits to the wonders that we shall see.