Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 65 - 68

Your suffering at this time must be trying, 

but the future will bring delight to your mind. 

This is of course the promise. It will not hurt to see how this fits in with the desires of the self-centered imagination. 

I give you these talks repeatedly

because they are to be the Divine Record for eternity. 

The term "Divine Record" has an antique feeling to it though in context we should recall that it has nothing to do with the past and everything to do with the future. The "Divine Record" is the Model Path of single-hearted salvation realized in the world. When this was written, it was understood that the realization was to be in the immediate future of each person who sincerely walked the path. 

Moonsun is revealed at this place and time 

and speaks about all matters, so that,

I view these verses as a continuation of the previous theme. "things that do not exist" is now replaced by "all matters". 

By teaching you about whatever matters step by step, 

I shall make all of the Divine Record of Nihon. 

More than once we have been asked to ponder over the way "the path" has been laid down from the beginning. Assuming that the "Divine Record of Nihon" refers to the opening and realization of a path of single hearted salvation for all human beings regardless of time, place or spiritual maturity; let's briefly recap the progress of "the Path" from the origin to the present. 

Miki's mind, because of the causality of origin becomes one with the mind of Moonsun, whose body is the whole universe and whose mind resides at the heart, root and core of all human beings equally.  Miki then begins to open a path of universal single-hearted salvation for all human beings. The  means employed is the purification of the human self-centered imagination (removing the dust that covers the original heart, root and core of the human being. Over many years Moonsun then demonstrates (models or shows) many different methods for purifying the mind. In general it can be said that the method employed is for Moonsun to enter, by invitation, into a person's mind and by "tasting" the quality of its contents (the dust and debris accumulated there) determining which elements of the self-centered imagination can be used to craft a path, for that mind, that step by step leads back to the truth of origin. This is called finding a way appropriate for time, place and spiritual maturity. To realize the world of single-hearted salvation Moonsun is gathering instruments with the intention that they know and understand the truth of origin and use that knowledge and understanding to open  new paths of single-hearted salvation by employing the intention, means and methods described above.  

This then is the current state of the Divine Record of Nihon. Its completion is the completion of the service (the purification and awakening of all human minds) and the foundation of a new creation of joyous life.