Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


XI: 1 - 4

If a severe tightening of the chest comes upon you,

it is the hastening of the mind of Moonsun.

As an asthmatic I can directly relate to this kind of physical experience. A chest cold will also yield a tightening of the chest and of course complaining of chest pain is a good way to get rushed to the head of the line in a hospital emergency room. Such experiences are indeed  examples of  severe tightening of the chest but of course that isn't all there is to it. Strong emotions ( the spoiled children of the self-centered imagination) extreme anger, envy, lust, fear, anxiety and greed  immediately come to mind as being capable of  producing the same effect. 

The hastening of Moonsun is the hastening of the parent of origin. When things go wrong with the body that we (the self-centered imagination) have borrowed from Moonsun , the parent of origin, we are hastened to return them and the burden that they impose upon our mind to their original owner. It is the parent saying to the child, if it is broken give it to me and I will take care of it. Of course these are just words and the actual return of a body requires the true sincerity of letting it go. 

Hereafter, all of you may receive 

disorders of the body.

I believe that with very few exceptions all human beings at one time or another experience some kind of bodily disorder. In worldly common terms disorders of the body are opportunities for suffering and dissatisfaction. Moonsun would turn those same circumstances to our benefit as opportunities to return to the origin and awaken to the joyous life. 

Whatever disorder you may receive, do not worry,

for there is a great intention in the mind of Moonsun.

This is a straight forward dismissal of precisely what we do worry about! We are promised that we needn't worry about disorders that we may receive because of the intention in the mind of Moonsun. At this point it seems fair enough to ask what it is about the intention of Moonsun that will make it so that we can stop worrying about disorders that we may receive. Is it the intention of Moonsun to work on my body so that it will no longer receive disorders, or is Moonsun going to work on my mind so that I will no longer be troubled by whatever disorders I might receive? I believe that the latter is the case. Each of us can reason through the model and test this out for our-self. 

Though a disorder may come to the body,

I am making a distinction in each of your minds.

It is clear then that  the intention of Moonsun is to make a distinction in my mind. By now we know something about this distinction that is to be made in our mind. We have been introduced to the metaphors that describe what it is that is to be distinguished; (Kara and Nihon, Fire and Water, Good and Evil, Clear and Muddy). To understand that distinction clearly it is necessary for us to replace those metaphors with the actual states of mind that they represent, not as ideas but as actual elements of our own being. 

We are hastened to identify and distinguish between our self-centered imagination and its origin. We can do that by turning our attention to the voice and images of our imagination. Next we can quiet and clear them.  Distinguishing then between the self-centered imagination and what remains when it is clear and quiet. We are then in a position to see things as they are as opposed to the way we imagine them to be. Honesty and sincerity are all that is needed for this task.

 While demonstrating how we can replace our minds to accord with the Joyous Life through our own effort, She continuously trained us to realize that the Joyous Life can be attained depending solely upon our own mind. This journey Oyasama took in carrying out single-hearted salvation embodies nothing but Her parental desire to free us humans from our pain and suffering and thereby enable us to live joyously in the world.

 The 3rd Shinbashira October 26, 1994