Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 9-12

Even until now, though I have given you My teachings in 

various talks, the real truth has not been seen.

There are, as usual, several ways to interpret this verse. I think that it is important to note that Moonsun is not saying that the "real truth" had in earlier various talks not been taught. Rather we can and should carefully  note that Moonsun is saying that though taught, the "real truth" was not "seen", recognized or understood by those who heard it. 

Today, whatever talks I may give, 

I shall never tell you anything that will become false.

Consider, if you will, the way that we looked at "sincere thought" as distinguished from "self centered thought".  Self-centered thought, like the body that it is centered on, is changeable and temporary. The "real truth" is unchanging and permanent. Closely examining myself, I find that the only element of my existence that matches the criteria of an unchanging truth that will never be false is the mind like clear water. We can each of course each check this out for ourselves. 

What Tsukihi has once said

will never become false through all time.

Through all time is a long time. Sincere thought, the mind of Moonsun, is permanent and unchanging. See if you can identify any thing  about which we could say that it will never become false through all time. When all of the choices have been examined and discarded what remains is the truth that will never be false through all time. 

Unaware of this, even all of you close to Me

think my words to be worldly common.

It would seem that an effort to distinguish between a worldly common interpretation of these poems and their intended meaning would be a worthwhile course for anyone wishing to know their meaning and "see" the "real truth" that they attempt to convey.  It is also noteworthy to reflect upon the phrase "even all of you close to Me" and recall that the completion of the Service (the work needed to awaken the mind to the "real truth") is a dynamic work in progress and not the maintenance of a past success. 

I believe that if we view each verse of these poems and indeed each and every circumstance from the very uncommon point of view that the whole universe is the body of Moonsun that we will in good time come to settle and see the truth that these poems are hastening. 

Are we not extremely observant when looking at other, yet totally imperceptive when looking at ourselves? It seems to me that we have become extremely inept these days in the ways we reflect on ourselves and the ways we try to help others. It also appears that our ponderings lack depth. What has caused this? We might attribute it to the general trend of society, but surely this is not the way of thinking based in faith. It is not single-hearted with God. 

The 3rd Shinbashira April 19, 1989