Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 17-20

Even until now, though I called Myself Moonsun

and gave you My teaching step by step,

It is a fact of our worldly common way of looking at things that we human beings use names to distinguish one person from another. In order to talk with us, the truth of origin, the substance and truth of all that is, the one who needs no name because in truth there is no other, has taken on names to communicate with that part of itself, the marvel that is the self-centered imagination, the marvel that imagines that it is other than the one truth. Most of us have by now had some experience of the unintended problem that is associated with the marvel that is the self-centered imagination. Without knowledge of the truth of its origin it can become depressed, cut off from joy and prone to suffering. To counter this unintended result the truth of origin has shown the way to step by step calm the imagination and return to the origin and the joyous life that is intended and the goal of all human beings. 

Still, perhaps you cannot understand the core matter.

At this time, I shall reveal all things whatever.

The foundation of our thinking and of our language is the self-centered imagination. For that reason it is natural for us to understand things in a self-centered way. Unfortunately the truth of origin cannot be clearly and truly understood in a self-centered way. To know and understand the truth of origin one must return to the origin. To return to the origin the self-centered imagination must be settled, cleared, made like clear water. Since the foundation of our thinking is the self-centered imagination we are drawn to the truth of origin for self-centered reasons. The path shows the way to prepare the mind to awaken in a step by step fashion. The return and the preparation for the return is the core matter. We find it very difficult to accept and stay focused on the core matter and tend to wander off in pursuit of our self-centered interests. The Parent of origin recognizes our difficulty and makes every effort to draw us back to the origin. It is a labor of parental love and each of us is its subject. It is intended that each of us according to our sincerity be shown the truth of all things. 

Even with My talks, if I give them at the same place,

you might take them as being from a human mind.

Those who were close to Miki Nakayama at this time had their own ideas of who she was and what she was doing. Certainly one point of view was that she was a person like any other with human thoughts and opinions like any other. Recall that in Book X the intention was shown for gathering instruments. Those instruments after returning and knowing the truth of origin are intended to carry that truth to the entire world in ways appropriate for time, place and maturity. The important point here is that those who return to the origin have at their core the same mind. Not the self-centered imagination but the truth that is the place from which the self-centered imagination rises up. Each instrument that awakens to that truth , having once again become single-hearted with the truth of origin, then teaches the same truth from the same mind. 

So as not to cause you such pitiful thoughts,

I shall give My talks at a different place this time.

Moonsun intends to gather a great many instruments and for each of them to awaken and return. Each instrument then can bear witness to the truth tested and proven and can carry forward the path in ways appropriate for their enjoyment of Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. 

[I]f we first define that the universe is the body of God the Parent and then develop all of our thoughts from this basis, we will find it impossible to deny that this universe is truly the body of God the Parent. Indeed, the more we ponder, the more we cannot but admire the working and operation of this universe, its relation to the human body, and the exquisite structure of the human body.

The 3rd Shinbashira - April 19, 1990