Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 25-28

You are thinking that the suffering at this time is from illness,

but the thought is wrong.

It is difficult for us to accept that this is the case but the suffering that we attribute to illness is not from the illness but from the way we use our mind. This is very close to the core teaching that these poems are attempting to draw our minds to.  The assertion that suffering does not come from illness is generally counter intuitive and usually requires some self reflection and preparation  to see how it could be so. The claim and its understanding is based on a logical way of reasoning that has at its foundation the awareness and understanding that the whole universe is a single being. One of the aspects then, a child if you will, of that single being is the human self-centered imagination. That self-centered imagination has the creative power to imagine itself to be a separate individual object in the universe and to live freely as if that were the case. That condition is indeed a marvel but it has in all too many cases proven to have a downside which this  teaching  is trying to correct. Briefly the limitations associated with imagining ourselves to be solely limited to a body are draining the joy from the lives of too many of us. For that reason we are encouraged to return our minds to their original natural condition and awaken to the totality of our self. The moon could be said to represent our mortality ( the part of us that changes), while the sun could be said to represent our immortality ( the part of us that doesn't change). The total truth of our existence could then be described as being single-hearted with Moonsun, the one original being. To find out if this is true we are hastened to calm our self-centered imaginations and find out for our self what remains!

Never think it is from illness or the like, but from the desire 

for you to know the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun. 

In general we human beings are enthralled with the marvel that is the self-centered imagination and don't want to be without it for a waking moment. When however illness or trouble comes our way we are much more likely to look for an escape. This teaching recognizes those unwanted circumstances as being opportunities to settle the self-centered imagination and return the mind to its origin where it is free from the limitations that arise with our self-centered imagination's identification with mortal objects. 

I inform you of all matters whatever

because I have an intention for the future. 

It is possible to have one's mind quieted and returned to its natural condition quite by accident. In the case of this teaching and these poems however the intention is to assemble intermediaries, instruments who know what they are doing and why they are doing it, so that they can help other people to return to their origin in ways that are appropriate to the time, place and level of spiritual maturity. For that reason every step of the way is elucidated in the model. 

To explain what this talk is about:

Moonsun will take charge of everything in the future. 

This is pretty much the bottom line of single-hearted salvation. To be free of the limitations of the self-centered imagination we are invited to return to the origin and single-heartedness with the original one. The power that creates and sustains the universe is on our side, we need only sincerely hand over our burdens to be free of them. 

The president of your association [the Young Menís Association] has said in his address that those of you who are to go outward, taking the lead in carving out a path in places that have yet to be pioneered, must also go inward, settling your yet unripened minds. It was because of this same idea that last year I spoke on the teaching of a thing lent, a thing borrowed- the most fundamental of all the teachings- as a means of helping to settle oneís own mind.

 The 3rd Shinbashira Ė October 27, 1991