Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 29-32

Though there are many possible valid interpretations of these poems, the approach that I will take with this next theme anticipates the revelation of Moonsun's intention as well as the modeling of Moonsun's means and methods for realizing that intention.  

I, Moonsun, will take charge 

because she is causally related to the origin.

To save all human beings and to bring about the world of joyous life, Moonsun will show and clear the way. To bring about the single-hearted salvation of all human beings Moonsun intends to work through and use human beings as the instruments for recreating a world of single-hearted salvation and the joyous life. . 

We are all causally related to the origin, however the prime human instrument in the opening of this path of universal single-hearted salvation is Miki Nakayama, whose causality to the origin has been fully realized. Her mind having returned to and settled at the truth of origin. Becoming once again, one with the original mind of Moonsun.  

As we have seen the next step in the process is for Moonsun to bring a large number of people to full realization as "intermediaries", instruments for the completion of the task (the service) of re-creating human beings as fully awakened children of the parent of origin. Children able to play freely and without limitation in the joyous life.  Moonsun had intended that the members of Miki's immediate family be the first instruments in an ever expanding process of mass spiritual awakening. Each instrument awakening others until all human beings have been awakened. Traditionally the verses in this theme revolve around Moonsun's intention that Miki's daughter Kokan return to the origin and awaken though as we shall see they model a path that applies to all human beings.   

To explain what the causality is about: she is an instrument of 

origin in the beginning of human beings. 

We are tempted to view this poem as dealing only with the events occurring in the dark depths of the beginning of time or as dealing only with a Nakayama family matter. And indeed pondering in those directions is helpful. There is, however, another interpretation that is also useful. The causality of origin,  the way to single-heartedness with Moonsun, can also be viewed as  instrumentality in the new beginning of human beings, even now in whatever time and place and situation we find ourselves in. That is a new beginning of human beings who know the full truth of themselves and all things. Human beings who are capable of distinguishing between what is and is not imaginary. Human beings who can enjoy Moonsun's free and unlimited workings as a joyous life.  

Moonsun will train this person in all matters

and bring about marvelous salvation. 

This promise and intention is the same for all of us. We are all in the same position as Kokan. We have a choice to make. 

Do not think of this lightly.

It will become the Divine Record of Nihon.  

Note that the Divine Record of "Nihon", a metaphor here for the truth of origin, is not a record of events in the past but a record that will be written in the future, by Moonsun's instruments as they work to bring single-hearted salvation (complete the Service) to all the people of the world equally. That is in ways appropriate for all times, all places and all levels of spiritual maturity. 


[W]hen we ponder over the context of the verses in which Koki appears, it seems as if the phrase “to make the Koki” is, in concrete terms, signifying that the world will be reconstructed as a life filled with joy through the performance of the Service of the Kanrodai… It is very likely that she spoke of “making the Koki” as a way to refer to the completion of the Service of the Kanrodai.

The 3rd Shinbashira – October 28, 1987