Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 37-40

From now on you must firmly

lean on Moonsun in all matters whatever. 

Leaning on Moonsun in all matters means not leaning on our self-centered imagination. Instead we are advised to find the deeper standpoint within our self and function from there in all circumstances. One way to do this is to ponder, in all matters, the truth that the whole universe is the body of God. Try it out and see for yourself the difference that it makes. I recall the first time that I pondered that proposition. My imagination tried to make a universal body. Naive, but even then the reason of heaven pushed out to meet my feeble effort and I was rewarded with access to greater depth. The point is that at the core of our being there is really a marvelous truth trying to get our attention (absorbed as we are in the marvelous dreams of the self-centered imagination) so that we can receive a wonderful gift. A gift beyond compare. 

In doing anything, so long as you lean on Moonsun,

there will be no danger. 

Recall that bad things happen to the self-centered imagination while the lot of the mind that leans on the truth of origin is freedom from limitations and joy. 

Your unawareness of such a splendid path as this 

has led to your remorse.

We tend to be deeply involved in the points of view projected by our self-centered imagination and pretty much remain clueless about their origin and the original pristine condition of our mind. In many cases that situation has led us to a life drained of joy. The intention of this path is to return us to that joy. That return provides us with a total world view. The truth of any and everything. If all that changes is the moon and all that gives life, the unchanging foundation of the mind, root and core of our being is the sun, then our total awakening can be called becoming one, single-hearted, with Moonsun. This is a path that helps us to identify moon and sun within our self and in so doing awakening to the total truth of all things that is Moonsun. 

Hereafter, whatever you are told,

you should never go against what Moonsun says. 

Moonsun doesn't provide instruction on our day to day activities. Things that we can work out for our self. Instead Moonsun concentrates on just one task, returning the mind to its origin. Currently we work things out from the point of view of the self-centered imagination. Moonsun has entered into our imaginations and is using elements of our own imaginations to guide us back to the origin. In all cases Moonsun is hastening us to quiet and settle our self-centered imagination so that we can awaken and bring that understanding of the truth of origin into our daily lives, freely and without limitations as we see fit. Because Moonsun is working within our self-centered imagination it is rather easy for us to hold on to the imaginary part of the path (things which don't exist) while discarding the essence of the instruction to calm the imagination and return to the origin. This is what is meant by the phrase "going against what Moonsun says".