Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 45-48

Ponder over this path, all My children!

There is no knowing what kind of path will appear. 

There are three uses of the word "path" that come to mind in this theme. Perhaps the first to come to mind, in keeping with our self centered world view, assumes that Moonsun is warning us about our individual way in the world. We are then at the center of this interpretation. The second might be a warning about our collective path in the world. That is the way that things may turn out for an entire civilization or indeed the entire species. We are once again at the center of this interpretation. The third, and the interpretation that I think fits the context of this theme ("ponder over this path") has to do with Moonsun's intention to train instruments to carry a path of single-hearted salvation to everyone in the world. That is a path that is appropriate for every time, every place and every level of spiritual maturity. For those who would be Moonsun's instruments the instruction is to ponder over these paths. Because of the complexity that is involved in saving all human minds Moonsun wishes to prepare us so that we can be joyous in response to whatever comes to us and whatever is needed for the path of single-hearted sincerity to grow and be maintained. Recall that Moonsun's point of view, the point of view that Moonsun wishes to share with us, is free and unlimited.

I shall inform you of everything in advance.

Make sure you will not be remorseful later. 

We are indeed informed of everything in advance. There is the path of the one truth, the truth of origin, the path of single-hearted salvation and there are the multitudes of other truths that occupy the self-centered imagination. We are hastened to distinguish between them and settle on the one truth of origin.  If we are not attentive and do not follow Moonsun's instructions exactly we can end up following a path that just leads to other worldly common self-centered truths. Such a situation would then be cause for remorse in the future. 

All of you may be wondering why I say such things.

It is from My love for My children. 

The context here is important. Moonsun is trying to gather instruments in a particular time, a particular place while simultaneously addressing many different levels of spiritual maturity. On the one hand teaching the truth of origin and on the other training those who have been taught to be instruments in the task of teaching others in ways appropriate for time, place and maturity. 

All My many children in the world, is there not a way I can

make you understand from your innermost heart?

This then is the task at hand. Moonsun, working through instruments is trying to find a way to uncover the truth of our innermost heart so that each and every one of us can understand Moonsun's intention. We are each being called home to our origin. It is the most intimate of human intimacies. From the point of view of the self-centered imagination it is the most intimate relationship possible for a human being to have. From the point of view of the origin it is an identity, single-heartedness with the truth of origin. We are to understand from our innermost heart because Moonsun is there, within us, trying to push out through the dust and debris of our self-centered imaginations. Though Moonsun speaks to us in a manner appropriate to our time, our place and our level of spiritual maturity, the truth that is indicated is not limited to or defined by any of those three limitations. They are but the tools used by Moonsun's instruments to line up the signs that point the way back to the truth of origin, our innermost heart. 

I have a request to make of each of you: Please raise your children in such a way that they will be aware that they are to become Yoboku. In doing this, please strive to choose words and means of expression that are appropriate for their ages and, yet will precisely convey what you wish to tell them. Braced with the conviction that comes from being single-hearted with God, ponder and devise methods to mediate Oyasama’s teaching. If your children are not convinced by your explanation, you need not go looking for someone else to teach them for you. Instead, put a little research into developing a method of explanation, or a method of mediation, that will allow you to make them understand.

 The 3rd Shinbashira – April 19, 1988