Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 49-52

I tell you these things so repeatedly

because I fear the path you are taking.

Once again it is appropriate to ponder over our individual path through life however in this instance the topic is actually narrowed to our response to the path of single-hearted salvation that Moonsun is trying to open for us. 

From now on, I shall tell you about everything.

Never think of it as being false.

There are levels of interpretation here also. Being told "about everything" in worldly common terms means the transmission of encyclopedic knowledge. Clearly this is not the case here. Being told "about everything" can then be interpreted as being told of the truth of the origin of everything. Clearly that is the case in this instance as is the interpretation that we are being told "about everything" necessary for the completion of the work (the path of single-hearted salvation, the completion of the service) of returning to the truth of origin. 

Hear Me clearly on the present work of Moonsun!

I shall do nothing evil.

There are worldly common truths, that have been with us since the youthful time of our development as human beings, that contain knowledge that the interaction between gods, spirits and human beings can lead, either randomly or intentionally, to good or evil for us. We are here informed and should settle this clearly in our mind, that if evil is our lot, it is not from the intention of Moonsun. 

I began the work because I desired to teach you 

marvelous salvation by all means. 

Moonsun's intention is here clearly stated as marvelous salvation. That is single-hearted salvation by returning the mind to its origin. Those who would be Moonsun's intermediaries should take note and ponder the meaning of  "by all means" as it is a theme that runs deeply throughout Moonsun's intention and these poems. Pondering this truth is by itself a powerful method for purifying the mind as the self-centered imagination cannot imagine it and only the mind like clear water can understand and accept it. Ponder it honestly and see for your self. The self-centered imagination is full of limitations and rationalizations to support them. The mind like clear water is not burdened by such things. Take a moment now; either settle or look right through the self-centered imagination and taste Moonsun's free and unlimited workings. 

I think that there are two possible ways to explain that “this universe is the body of God” and “all human bodies are things lent by God.”…In either case, however, only when we gear our explanation for the listener will that person be satisfied with our explanation.

 The 3rd Shinbashira – April 19, 1990