Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 5-8

I shall distinguish those thoughts which are sincere

from those which are concerned with only the self.

At first glance this would seem to be no problem. Sincere thoughts are easy enough to come up with. We all sincerely want to be happy and make sincere efforts to be so. This verse only gets difficult when it is revealed that "sincere thoughts" are not self centered thoughts. We can squirm around with this one as much as we want but the bottom line is that "sincere thought" is what goes on in the "mind like clear water", that is the mind in which self-centered imagination is quiet. 

We might well wonder why we should be interested in the distinction between "sincere thoughts" and "thoughts that are concerned with only the self''. It is because things like illness, trouble, suffering and death are things that happen to the insincere, transient, changeable and mortal self-centered imagination and not to the "sincere", original, immortal and indestructible mind like clear water.

Whatever kind of mind you may have,

Moonsun will at this time make the distinction clear.

This is really good news for those of us who are marginally or even totally goofs as well as those of us who have genuinely sampled the dark side of human experience. Moonsun, the parent of origin ( remember that this is a path that is modeled on parental love) doesn't want or seek any kind of retribution from us. It matters not whether our minds are in good shape or are cesspools. We can make the distinction and return to our original parent without hesitation or shame. If we didn't know any better, the parent of origin also bears the responsibility for not teaching us. 

Moonsun clearly sees what kind of mind you have

and will at this time make the distinction in all.

That Moonsun sees clearly what kind of mind we have, sincere or self-centered, is a real intimate kind of knowledge. The self-centered imagination is the mud and debris that builds up in what would otherwise be the mind like clear water. The mind like clear water and the mind of the Parent, Moonsun's mind, are the same. This is the most intimate of family affairs. There is no other intention in it but the realization of our happiness and joy. 

Words of flattery are unwanted.

Moonsun looks for the sincerity of the mind. 

Too bad, flattery would be easier but we have to take it like it is. The mind is either truly sincere or it is thinking only of itself. The one leans on the mind of the Parent in all things while the other takes its lumps.