Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 53-56

Firmly replace the mind you have had until now

and become of the mind filled with joy.  

We are instructed to replace our mind. It is noteworthy that Moonsun does not indicate any particular mental contents other than the mind we have had until now. This is important in the context  of both our individual efforts and also in the context of the path. Our worldly common self-centered tendencies are usually biased toward preferred mental content, ideas that appeal to us. Moonsun views all of our worldly common thoughts as an obstacle and would have us instead default to our original  state of mind. Our state of mind prior to the development of our imagined self. The high spirited joyous state of mind that was ours when we were a three year old child. 

This does not mean becoming a human being without imagination. It means becoming a human being who knows the truth of self and can distinguish between that true and original self and the imagined self (self-centered imagination). For such a human being the imagination is a marvelous creative instrument working freely and without limitation from a stable and unchanging foundation of joy.

You may be wondering how to become of such a mind.

If Moonsun enters the body,

This verse is an example of Moonsun's tireless efforts to try and find a way to awaken us from our innermost heart. From Moonsun's point of view the central truth of the world (the way things are before we imagine otherwise) is that the whole universe is one body and that one body is Moonsun's. The central idea of our self-centered imagination, however, imagines that each of our bodies is a separate entity that belongs to an individual self-centered imagination (a collection of ideas associated with objects, the prime object being a body). 

Since our self-centered imagination does not know or understand the truth that the whole universe is the body of God, to speak with us and teach us, Moonsun uses the language of the self-centered imagination, as if Moonsun were somewhere outside of us and hastens us to consciously allow Moonsun to enter into our body. This is a model of teaching in ways appropriate for our level of spiritual maturity. 

Day by day, the mind will be spirited of itself

and become the mind filled with joy.

Helping us then to gradually uncover and enjoy the truth that was there all along. Two approaches to allowing Moonsun to enter one's body come to mind. The first is random and involves imagining who or what Moonsun is with such true sincerity that the causality of origin is realized. The second is the approach that Moonsun is offering in these poems. This approach involves consciously following Moonsun's instructions with true sincerity,  step by step, in the right order and exactly as they are given and in so doing quickly and surely awakening to the truth of origin and a mind filled with joy.  

Making the mind spirited day by day,

Moonsun will work to make the world filled with joy. 

Just as self-centered reasoning naturally leads to conflict, anxiety and suffering, the reason of heaven naturally leads to a the purification of the mind and a world filled with joy. Though it may seem a little difficult at first, an honest effort will surely yield the desired results. Try reasoning just a bit from the point of view that all human beings are equally beloved children of the same original parent. Each with an equal affinity to the origin. Each receiving equal care and attention from the origin and see what flows from that reason of heaven. 

After settling Oyasama as the Shrine of Moonsun, God the Parent gave thought to a plan to save all people in the world and to have them savor the Joyous Life. God would first sweep the Residence since it was to be the place for marvelous salvation, purify the minds of those who gathered there, identify the Jiba, and set up the Kanrodai. Then when those with purified minds performed the Service of the Kanrodai in full accord with the Parent of Origin’s providence, the workings of God the Parent would be manifested immediately and God would save all people in the world, freeing them from all their sufferings.

 The 3rd Shinbashira – October 26, 1987