Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI 73-76

At this place, whatever is done and however it is done,

all is by Moonsun.

This place refers to the truth of origin. This is a reminder that this teaching is not a worldly common collection of human self-centered ideas or ideals but rather a direct communication from the truth of origin of all human beings. 

Whatever I say, it is all by Moonsun.

You, who are close to Me, imitate Me if you can.

This is a direct indication that this is a model to be followed. Miki was settled as a "shrine of Moonsun" and we are encouraged to do the same.  

From the time I began this world until today,

I have not yet told the real truth.

Our worldly common self-centered view of the world appears to us as a totally authentic identity. Indeed if it were not for the fact that we have complained of the lack of joy in it we would have no need for any other. Moonsun knows this and does not blame us for not knowing the truth of origin. It is not apparent and has previously not been taught to us. 

Today, the time has come

when I must tell you the truth of all matters. 

Today is our day if we wish to know the truth of origin, the truth of the self-centered imagination, the truth of all matters. If not, it is someone else's day.