Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XI: 77-80

Whatever is said, do not wonder.

It is said just as Moonsun intends.

Our self-centered imaginations go off in all kinds of directions and there is always the tendency to take what Moonsun teaches and work it around until it accords with self-centered thinking. The intention of Moonsun's teaching however is the purification of all human minds and their return to their original pristine condition, prior to any self-centered thinking. Moonsun's teaching always leads back to the origin, just as Moonsun intends. 

Whenever you return,

never think that it is cause by your individual minds.

When the self-centered imagination returns to its origin it is no longer present either as a cause or as a result. Only the truth of origin is there. No human ideas of any kind.

Everyone, whoever one may be, will return,

convinced from the heart. Wait and see.

All human beings, in all times and places have a deep affinity to the truth of origin. This in itself is difficult for the self-centered imagination to accept. 

However powerful or clever one may be,

no one can resist the mind of Moonsun. 

Of course there are always very clever attempts made by the self-centered imagination to "put out" Moonsun's teaching and try to make it worldly common either through a lack of understanding or a misunderstanding of Moonsun's intention. 

The mind of Moonsun is the sun. It is permanent and does not change. It is the cause of all that is alive and all that is known. It dwells permanently in the heart, root and core of all being. The self-centered imagination is the Moon. Its appearance is constantly changing and though it is beautiful it really has no light of its own but is just the light of the sun reflected. The one, though very beautiful and interesting cannot compare with the brilliance and power of the other. 

Find the mind of Moonsun at the foundation of your own mind. Sincerely look within and seek the origin and the origin will embrace your sincerity and show you the truth of all things as they are. The truth of origin is a marvel and a wonder to last a lifetime.