Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 111- 114

Until now, I have listened to all kinds of falsehood,

but from now on I shall hear them no more.

Strictly speaking, in worldly common terms, the meaning of this verse would be limited to the misunderstandings of the people who were hearing Moonsun, God the Parent, teach through Miki's mouth. It is appropriate however to expand that meaning and to view this in the context of the intention of the teaching to reach all of the minds in the world. Viewed in that way the falsehoods referred to are the misunderstandings, doubts and denials of all of our minds. The regret of God as we have been taught. 

From now on, if you speak falsely,

you yourself will become false. Beware!

Moonsun has informed us more than once that no one understood Moonsun's true intention. We know by now that the source of our misunderstanding is the way we are using our self-centered imagination. It is a marvel and a wonder that we are capable of imagining things, making things up and creating our own worldly common truths. In the absence of the truth of origin those worldly common truths become an important part of what we imagine to be the truth of our self. Moonsun acknowledges that we cannot be blamed for mistaking the self-centered imagination for the truth of self because it really looks as if it is the truth of self. Once the truth is revealed however, to distort it with worldly common thinking is to create a falsehood and in the light of the truth origin the imagined truth of self is also seen to be a falsehood. It is the farce of the moon boastfully and arrogantly claiming to be the source of its own light. 

Moonsun dislikes falsehood and flattery.

If you persist, Moonsun will withdraw.

One of our age old worldly common strategies is to offer flattering prayers to a deity in the hope that the flattery will prompt special treatment in return. In the context of the theme at hand this effort, though it may be sincere, runs contrary to Gods treatment of all of the children equally. The more we do it the farther we get from Moonsun's intention returning, instead of special treatment, an effect that could be called Moonsun's withdrawal. 

Therefore, I have postponed yet another day,

overlooking almost all of them.

We have been scolded and should take the intention of the scolding to heart. The point has been forcefully made and the verse is, I think,  totally understandable as an expression of the model of parental love.