Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 79-82

All of you in the world, keep your eyes firmly on the future.

The cleansing of the heart will be accomplished of itself. 

When the mind is purified, that is swept clean of the self-centered imagination, There is no further effort needed to cleanse the heart, the cleansing of the heart is accomplished of itself. 

When this cleansing is thoroughly done,

I shall begin at once to prepare for the Amulet.

Those hearing this would find the promise of a proof amulet to be familiar and comforting. It cannot be stressed enough that Moonsun expects us to test the truth of these teachings. This verse then informs us that when the mind is purified the heart is cleansed that in itself is the knowledge, understanding and proof of truth of this teaching 

The mind of Moonsun hastens daily for such a path to be,

but no one is aware of it.

Moonsun is hastening a path for the purification of the mind, however the children remain bogged down in self-centered thinking and motives. 

If you come onto this path quickly,

all of you will be spirited, whoever you may be.

Once again, Moonsun is in a hurry. As we sweep the dust of self-centered thinking from our mind we do indeed experience the free and unlimited workings of the truth of origin the very nature of which is courageous and spirited.