Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 99 - 102

If a true resolve comes to your mind,

and you do not turn away from the words of God,

In the context of this theme, "true resolve" is the sincere effort to attain and hold onto the mind that thinks of saving others single-heartedly, equally without discriminating between one child (all brothers and sisters from our point of view) and another. Therefore when one considers what is promised  in return, it seems reasonable to me that one could expect that any sincere effort to master this method of single-hearted salvation through saving others single-heartedly would have a very powerful and profound effect on any sincere mind that attempted it.  Certainly just getting a handle on the implications of indiscriminate single-hearted salvation (the effort necessary to teach each and every mind according to its needs) would result in a very remarkable and unworldly common view.  A number of people holding such a view could make quite a difference in the state of the world. 

Then Moonsun will firmly accept this mind

and directly hasten your salvation.

So the perfection of the mind to save others single-heartedly is itself single-hearted salvation. Note once again that Moonsun is hastening the process. It is the self-centered imagination that makes up reasons for slowing down the process.

Do not think of this salvation as being trivial.

It is the principal matter of the Divine Record of Nihon.

The "Divine Record of Nihon" is the story of how Moonsun's intermediaries opened new paths of the single-hearted salvation that will eventually lead to the completion of the salvation services for all human beings equally in all times and places. 

If only I show this quickly and clearly,

however high your place may be...

There is no doubt that Moonsun is in a hurry to accomplish single-hearted salvation. Showing us single-hearted salvation clearly is problematic. The self-centered imagination is in the way and distorts Moonsun's intention and our ability to see the truth of origin. 

This metaphor of high places persists and obviously a worldly common reading would put some burden on the ruling class. There is another way to look at it however. The self-centered imagination has a very high opinion of itself. So much so that it refuses to give way to the reasonable requests of the parent of origin.