Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 107 - 110

There is not at all a human mind at this place.

There are only the thoughts of Moonsun.

Various interpretations of "this place" work but I favor viewing "this place" as the place where God appears or God's truth is conveyed an "Uchiwake-basho", the first of many that were to come, in this case the thing that was commonly thought to be Miki's body. The message here is of course that Miki's mind has been totally replaced by Moonsun's mind and now Miki is available as a model for all human beings to follow in replacing their minds. 

But there is no one who knows this.

That there is no understanding is the regret of God.

It is just a plain fact that the self-centered imagination has a very hard time with understanding Moonsun's intention. Once again, it is not because the self-centered imagination is essentially evil, it is not, it is just plain in the way and needs to be settled or removed so that the truth of origin can be known and understood. 

Is there not a way that the minds of all of you 

can be truly purified?

Moonsun doesn't know exactly how to attract our minds to the truth of origin and purify them so that the truth can be known but is willing to make the effort on behalf of each and every one of us equally. That we are asked this question shows that we can help Moonsun to help us. Moonsun will work to purify our minds with what works for us just as long as it sincerely leads back to the truth of origin. That is to say that the paths of the children must be based on returning and becoming single-hearted with the parent. 

If only your minds quickly become open to reason,

I shall show you the proof at once.

Moonsun, our parent, promises that when the obstacle that is the self-centered imagination is removed, the truth of origin, "the proof", will be seen at once. That is a pretty simple and straight forward promise. Further, in the context of the poems our parent is asking us, the children, to trust our parent of origin and return in whatever way will make us feel comfortable and confident about making the effort. It is an intimate and  tender expression of parental love.  

Nothing is more important or precious to us than our innermost heart becoming pure or our mind becoming pure. Since this leads to the joyous life in this world, it is necessary for us to make an effort to settle our own mind on the path of our spiritual growth in the manner taught by Oyasama...

The 3rd Shinbashira, October 26, 1993