Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 119 - 122

The time was thirty-nine years ago.

Since then, I have given you worries, troubles, and suffering.

Recall that the setting for these poems is the daily efforts of Moonsun to attract the minds of the rest of the Nakayama family to single-hearted salvation. These verses relate to the physical problems experienced by Miki's son Shuji. We can look to Shuji's initial efforts to accommodate Moonsun's teachings within his self-centered imagination and in so doing can better see our own misunderstandings and make corrections to our efforts.  

Because of it, you doubt all the words of Moonsun.

It is not unreasonable.

Watch the split here as the two interpretations or points of view go off in different directions. Shuji is doubtful because Moonsun's proof does not meet his self-centered expectations and Moonsun agrees that under the circumstances, viewing the teaching selfishly, that Shuji's misunderstanding is not unreasonable. 

This time, I am preparing to clear up your innermost heart.

This is the first matter. 

However, it is Moonsun's expectation that after the dust is removed from Shuji's innermost heart that he will be able to see the proof that is given to the purified mind. It is this purification of the mind that for Moonsun is the first matter. Shuji, like us, I suspect, had other priorities and expectations to tend to. 

Unless your mind is turned toward Moonsun,

any talk will be to no avail.

For those of us then who would like to see the proof quickly the purification of the mind, removing the dust that is the self-centered imagination, must be our first priority. Just taking about it, manipulating ideas, will not do the trick. 


[We] want to reflect upon our journey to spiritual growth. This is to say, we want to reflect on whether or not we have neglected to realize the divine providence despite the fact that we do receive abundant providence from God the Parent and Oyasama, just as we tend to neglect to appreciate the preciousness of water when we are used to the daily blessing of water. Also, we want to reflect on whether or not we have neglected to make efforts to sweep away the dust in our minds. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, October 26, 1994