Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 11-13

Even until now, though I, Tsukihi, have been 

exerting My mind for you to the utmost step by step,

Personal prayer, asking for god's help, has long been a feature of worldly common thinking. This verse makes it clear that Moonsun, the Parent of origin is already doing as much as can be done for us. The problem isn't the withholding of help and care by Moonsun. Moonsun constantly provides for all human beings equally. The problem is the inability of the self-centered imagination to understand and accept what is given.  

There is no one in the world who knows of it.

This time, Tsukihi cannot bear it. 

Once again, the current foundation of all human thinking is the self-centered imagination. At present the self-centered imagination does not know the truth of its origin and appeals and complaints to god are common. Moonsun, the truth of origin, has heard enough and is now intervening to provide us with a path of single-hearted salvation, however, both at the time that this verse was written and perhaps even now we continue to ignore Moonsun's instructions. It is interesting that Moonsun does not scold us for our ignorance. Indeed Moonsun takes responsibility for not having taught us. When we are scolded it is for not properly following the instructions for awakening to single-hearted salvation.

Therefore, I give you notice throughout the world

unto its farthest places: Tsukihi shall withdraw! 

We have discussed this before. In truth Moonsun cannot go anywhere because there isn't anywhere that isn't Moonsun. What then are we to make of this verse? We know that it cannot have any meaning that would result in evil for us because Moonsun has promised us that Moonsun will never do us any evil.  I suggest that we look at this verse as an example of the model of parental love. We all know the situation where a  parent will take hasty baby steps and pretend to run off and leave a headstrong and uncooperative child behind. The outcome is always that the child rushes to the parent rather than be left behind. It is a happy admonishment and one that is both comforting and instructional. 

Oyasama's blessings, like the moon and sun in the heavens, shine benevolently and equally upon the whole world and bestow grace in equal measure to each and every human being. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, January 26,1988