Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 127 - 130

Until now, I have passed through a mountain of regrets.

If I clear them away at this time,

The mountain of regrets is the dust in all human minds accumulated through all time. The task at hand is to clear those "regrets" away and we human beings are being recruited to be instrumental in that task. 

Thereafter, whatever illness or whatever else may be 

troubling you, you shall be saved from them all.

This sounds like a worthwhile goal and apparently it will be delivered when the regret of Moonsun is cleared away. 

If I should make the origin of human beings known to 

the whole world.

Please take careful note of this. When the regret of Moonsun is cleared away the origin of human beings will be made known to the whole world. Clear the dust from the mind and know the origin of human beings. That knowledge is salvation from whatever illness or whatever else may be troubling us. 

Then I shall provide any salvation whatever.

With but a word, I shall save you all.

Single-hearted salvation, salvation from all illness and trouble is all worked according to the state of our mind. Either the regret of God, the dust in human minds, is removed or it is not. The mind that is purified and knows the truth of origin of all human beings is the mind that has returned what is borrowed and is free from the limitations attached to the thing.  This return is hastened to be carried out quickly, even now at this time and place.