Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 135 - 138

On this one matter, whoever may come and however he may 

plead, it cannot be accepted. Moonsun will withdraw.

This verse has to be understood in the context of the verse that precedes it.  

In any matter, listen closely to the words of God.

In whatever I say, there is never a mistake.

It is intended that we replace the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all our thinking in all matters with the truth of origin. So that the truth of origin becomes the foundation and core of all of our thinking. Because Moonsun has replaced Miki's mind in just this way. Miki, now God the parent, can teach each of us surely, truly and without error, how to replace our minds. 

I truly desire to teach you marvelous salvation.

That is why I tell you everything whatever.

As those who heard the parent of origin teach did not understand the intention of what was being taught it is necessary to remind us. The marvelous salvation that is intended is none other than single-hearted salvation. 

I desire to teach you everything that has been

unknown since I began this world.

Ponder this, God the parent desires to teach everything that has been unknown since the creation of the world. The children desire to have their self-centered requests satisfied. Our parent of origin wants us to understand the difference between self-centered devotion and single-hearted devotion. It is a crucial distinction. 

Before long, hearing that there was a miraculous god at the Residence, the number of people coming to ask for salvation began to increase. Like a single stream joining with other streams from here and there to create a large stream, the path of single-hearted salvation began to expand gradually. At the same time, however, jealousies and unreasonable demands increased in number as well, and this large stream began to be mixed with mud. 

The 3rd Shinbashira, October 26, 1994