Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 139 -142

Let's take a minute and reflect on what these poems have shown us up to this point:

We have been taught that Moonsun's, God the Parent's, intention in creating human beings was that they be able to lead a  free and unrestricted joyous life. A life in which we will be free from all troubles, free from falling ill, weakening and even free from death.  

We have been taught that the means to realizing that intention is through single-hearted salvation. That single-hearted salvation flows from the human mind that has been returned to its original pristine condition, once again one with Moonsun's mind. 

We have been taught that the way to realize single-hearted salvation is through the purification of all human minds equally. We have been shown a model of several different ways, services, the completion of which will yield the totally purified mind like clear water. We have also been instructed that by saving others in ways appropriate for time, place and level of maturity we will bring our mind into accord with Moonsun's intention and thus remove the regret that has accumulated there. 

Unfortunately, we have also been informed that though the truth had been repeatedly taught step by step no one had understood the core. Further we have been warned that self-centered devotion will not lead to the desired result. 

In short, Oyasama's efforts had not to this point had the desired result. We living today have a great deal in common with those first followers. We have minds, self-centered imaginations and the same kinds of unintended, limitations, problems and concerns that flow from using the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thinking. 

Though we have much basically in common with those first followers, there is also much about our circumstances that are quite different. Indeed so much so that we need not expect to have to share in their misunderstanding of Oyasama's intention and teaching. We have as resources  the continued efforts of Oyasama and the sincere efforts of our predecessors up to this time to provide us with both the Model and the means to understand. At this time in our history most of us are free from government interference, social and cultural pressures and are free to pursue the truth in the midst of a relatively supportive environment of prosperity and human comfort. We are free to do this without fear for ourselves or others!

So, the children didn't get it. What next? The Model shows the way. Moonsun tirelessly begins again. The intention is the same, the means is the same, and the method is the same. A new path is opened that is appropriate for the time, place and maturity of the children. 

You must clearly understand the truth

concerning the real origin of this world.

Sounds interesting to me. Count me in. 

There is perhaps no one anywhere

who knows this origin clearly.

 I don't doubt that but I would like to know it clearly. 

At this time, I shall tell you the real truth.

Whatever I say, you must understand clearly.

Great, here we go. I intend to listen carefully and and understand every word. 

Among the instruments used in the beginning of 

human beings at this Residence, Izanagi and Izanami,

The power of the Model of Parental Love is really apparent here. Missionaries will especially want to take note of the method employed. In response to their misunderstanding Moonsun is redoubling the effort and is entering ever more deeply into the self-centered imaginations of the children to sweep them out and reveal the origin clearly. 

The path opens with the truth expressed in a way that was intended to be comforting and familiar for those to whom it was addressed. That is those who had previously heard Moonsun teach through Miki's mouth but were unable to understand what was taught.  As we see this path for the completion of the service unfold we can recall that Moonsun's method is to use things which do not exist but which do not differ from the truth. We are assured that every detail will truly, hasten, point at and show the way to the purification of the mind, single-hearted salvation and the realization God's free and unlimited workings and the joyous life. Moonsun will reveal to us the origin of human beings and the world, there is no error in what is being taught. 

So, we are taught and are now in possession of the idea that Moonsun used instruments in the creation of human beings. I think that it is reasonable that our minds might see this topic as having to do with events in the deep past however let's wait and see where the poems go because worldly common interpretations tend to evaporate very quickly in these poems. 

 Oyasama, out of nothingness, taught the path of single-hearted salvation and demonstrated the Divine Model to us.

The 3rd Shinbashira, October 26, 1993