Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 143 - 146

Tsukiyomi, Kunisazuchi, Kumoyomi, and Kashikone

are the primary instruments.

These instruments named in this theme are used to describe the way that the universe is put together. They are the instruments of causality rising out of the original cause. It is a wonder that they exist and a marvel that they can be harmonized with the intention of God the parent and returned to their origin by the sincere human mind and as such they are sure instruments of single-hearted salvation. 

A friend and teacher of mine used to groan at my pronunciation or mispronunciation of these names. It is, I think an important part of the Divine Model of parental love to understand that though this approach is surely appropriate for some of Moonsun's children in a particular time and place and at a particular level of spiritual maturity, it is not appropriate for all. None the less, the one truth that is indicated is the same truth for all. Recall that the timbers are initially taught the truth of origin in ways that are appropriate for them. They are then trained in acting as Moonsun's instruments so that they can teach that one truth in ways that are appropriate for others. The perfection of such an unselfish methodology being a clear reflection of the intention of Oyasama's  mind and God the Parent's parental love for all of the children equally. This truth is the basis of the Model Path and is a clear expression of  the Divine Model of Parental Love. 

Then, the one called Otonobe

is the primary instrument for the crops.

We all eat and though many of us take our food supply for granted it is still the case that for most of the world consideration of the working of this  instrument is of very great importance. 

This universe continually consumes itself and is continually reborn. A proper understanding of the truth that the entire universe is the body of Moonsun yields rich harvest in all matters. 

Next, the one called Taishokuten

is the scissors of the world.

We have been taught and have spoken of replacing the mind. This instrument is of primary importance in making a clean cut with the past. Obviously we cannot enjoy the joyous life if we keep mixing our past misunderstandings, troubles and sufferings into our mind. The joyous life then is entirely new and fresh. Its foundation in the truth of origin has nothing in common with the limited workings of the self-centered imagination. 

Until this time, calling together all the instruments,

I have passed through every kind of path. 

I believe that it is important to note that it is Moonsun who calls together the instruments and it is Moonsun that has used the instruments to set the causality of which all things are made, in motion. It is also Moonsun who gathers the instruments for the recreation of the world as the world of free and unlimited joyous life. Everything is Moonsun and everything that is done is done by Moonsun. 

Now Moonsun desires to call the instruments of creation back to their origin. We human beings are made out of those instruments. To accomplish this Moonsun has created a Model Path that  shows every kind of sure and certain path of return for all of the instruments and thus all human beings equally.