Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XII: 147 - 150

Hereafter, I shall distinguish the instruments called together

and hasten preparations to train them. 

Recall that we suspended judgment on whether this theme dealt primarily with events in the deep past or surprisingly in the present. It is clear now that both are intended. The instruments called together are manifest in the present as the intermediaries or timbers to be used in the task of universal single-hearted salvation. It is, just as we have been informed, Moonsun's intention to train the instruments in the way of single-hearted salvation for all human beings equally. 

Do not wonder where they can be found.

Here are two, both eleven years old.

What's more, this verse shows us that those instruments are us! We need not look to the past or some other place. We are all made of the instruments created in the origin and now being called back so that we can be instrumental in recreating ourselves and the world. We, our families, our children and our friends are the instruments that Moonsun intends to use for this task. We are all causally related to the origin and are equally children of the Parent of origin.  

One is an instrument used to begin human beings.

The other is for the providence for all crops.

Ponder the connection with the origin. Each of us at this moment is the current manifestation of causes piled up since the beginning of human beings and indeed since the origin of the universe. Stop and ponder that for a moment. Every detail of these bodies and everything else is made of instruments that were present at the very creation of the universe. 

Moonsun acts in the creation through instruments. Those instruments act in the creation according to the laws of causality. Gathering the instruments used in the creation of human beings together, that is gathering us together, Moonsun intends to teach us the causality of origin and to train us how to teach the causality of origin to all of the other instruments in the world so that we can each return to the origin and in so doing gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to recreate ourselves and the world.  

Though, like God, the instruments can be called by many names the true connection is very direct. We are all immediately and directly connected to the origin. It is only the self-centered imagination,  like a spot of dust on a lens viewed close up, that hides that truth and imagines otherwise.  

Today, I shall speak about any and all matters.

Whatever I say, understand Me, please. 

I think that we can understand that Moonsun is capable of speaking about any and all matters having to do with the creation and the human condition and the ways in which all matters can be resolved into the path of single-hearted salvation for each and every child, each according to their time, place and level of maturity. That is each according to their need.