Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 151 - 154

Even until now, there were many intentions of God,

but as the day had not come, I have held back.

There was a time in our development, the causal path to becoming human beings, when we were animals without self-centered imaginations. With the awakening of the self-centered imagination, the power to imagine and create, came an explosion of human creativity and activity. Moonsun, God the Parent, the underlying truth and origin of the self-centered imagination intended that this marvelous power to imagine and create should be the source of joy for human beings. A joyous life that human self-centered imaginations and Moonsun could enjoy together. 

In its infancy the wonder that is the self-centered imagination became alienated from knowledge of its true origin and began to imagine itself as being totally independent.  Moonsun, the Parent of origin, out of perfect parental love, supports all human self-centered imaginations even those that deny their parent. This situation eventually evolved into an unintended causal result or consequence. The marvel that is the self-centered imagination, in  attempting to secure happiness for itself, self-centeredly in all matters, was in many cases reaping an unintended harvest of doubt,  trouble and suffering. So much so, that many self-centered imaginations began to search for the relief from a higher power.  

But as the day is pressing step by step,

I shall give you all of My teachings. 

Now, with the awakening of Miki Nakayama, as the shrine of Moonsun, a causal opportunity exists for Moonsun to reveal to the world the causality of origin and the way to return to that truth (single-hearted salvation) so that the intended joyous life can be enjoyed by all human being equally. 

Until now, people everywhere have been alike.

Whatever I said, all was doubted. 

It is really hard for all of us to understand what Moonsun is trying to teach us and Moonsun understands that. Functioning as we are by now used to doing, with the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thoughts, we more or less automatically deny the truth of origin with our every self-centered thought. In this respect it can appear, though it is not necessarily so, that  doubting the spoken teaching of the truth of origin is the very nature of the self-centered imagination. 

This time, it is the real truth.

If you turn away from it, I shall give you a return at once. 

This does not mean that there was a time when Moonsun taught less than the truth. It is instead an invitation to cut with any past misunderstanding and make a fresh start at returning our mind to its original condition. Of course if we wish to ignore this opportunity to awaken, we will remain in the position of instantly reaping the returns that come from self-centered thought that is unenlightened by knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin.   I believe that we could call that turning away from the truth, "doing things the hard way".