Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 155 - 161

In the world, there are those who desire rain,

but perhaps no one knows its origin. 

Too much or too little rain is a serious concern for human beings. This verse contrasts our sincere interest, on a more or less case by case basis as circumstances apply to our self, in satisfying understandable worldly common desires with the true satisfaction in all matters that flows from single-hearted salvation for all human beings. It is a way of saying that though we are interested in satisfying our desire in one small thing, Moonsun is offering  true satisfaction in all things. 

I shall begin to tell you clearly about this origin.

If only you would understand all that I say...

We sincerely pray for rain and God responds by offering single-hearted salvation through the truth of origin. It seems that we are capable of being amazingly stubborn about this. We insist that the topic is the satisfaction of our self-centered desires while Moonsun would like us to understand  that the actual topic is about how to purify the mind and return it to its original condition of single-heartedness with the truth of origin. 

Today, a talk never given since this world began:

please listen to whatever I say. 

We have a tendency to revere ancient learning and no doubt to some extent human community experience is a valuable resource and deserves our attention. In this teaching however all of the truths and ancient lore that we have accumulated are shown to be off topic. Their worldly common truth is not questioned they are just not what this teaching is about.  The goal here is to help us to recognize that we have come far enough along in our evolution as a species to mature and in recognition of that fact Moonsun is gathering instruments to hasten that process. This teaching then does not reach back and attempt to hold on to the past. It pushes forward with an entirely new way of looking at the world. This is not our ancestors truth, it is the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. 

Though you are saying that this world is the world of God,

you do not know the core of all matters.

Earlier in this theme we were warned about flattery and the vanity of sincere self-centered devotion. This verse reinforces that warning. There are many self-centered ways and truths concerning god and gods. Among all of those truths there is one permanent unchanging core truth and settling that one truth is the topic of this teaching. 

I shall truly manifest this core.

When you see it, be convinced, all of you.

Out of all of the truths that occupy our minds how then are we to know which truth is that one unchanging truth, the core? There is actually a rather straight forward way to test for that one truth. Identify and calm the self-centered imagination so that it is like clear water and the one truth that remains is the core truth. Do that now and see for yourself. 

Whatever is done, it is all by Tsukihi.

Whatever is said, also, is all by Tsukihi.

If this teaching was a worldly common enterprise then Miki Nakayama would be an idealist or utopian activist and thinker and these teaching would be worldly common ideas competing with other worldly common ideas, denied by some and held as true by others.  This however is not the case. Miki's mind was replaced by Moonsun's mind. Moonsun can teach concerning the truth of origin because Moonsun is the truth of origin. Further the truth that is taught, the truth of origin, can be tested by any mind that sincerely wishes to do so. 

This time, I shall manifest all things 

which have never existed since the world began.

This verse does not tell us what Moonsun will manifest but it does inform us that what ever things are to be manifest have never before existed. This is noteworthy as it appears in a theme that though necessarily familiar sounding to a particular time, place and level of maturity is none the less about an entirely new path for human beings. A path that is intended to manifest an entirely new world of joyous life.