Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 162 - 165

Moonsun is dwelling within the body.

There is no knowing what workings I shall do.

This presents us with an opportunity to compare our mind with Oyasama's mind. We have been taught that Moonsun is dwelling within Miki's body and that Miki's mind has been replaced, having become one, single-hearted, with Moonsun's mind. And further we have been taught that all of Oyasama's words and actions are the work of Moonsun. 

Now each of us is being taught that Moonsun is also dwelling within each of our bodies. There is a difference though. The difference between our mind and Oyasama's mind is that Oyasama understands the truth of origin in every matter. That truth is the foundation of all of Oyasama's thoughts. We on the other hand continue to understand that all of our thoughts and actions are uniquely our own. The foundation of our minds being the self-centered imagination and not the truth of origin. Oyasama then knows and understands Moonsun's free and unlimited workings while our self-centered imaginations do not. 

Whatever you may dream, it is all by Moonsun.

The reality seen, also, is all by Moonsun. 

As we have been warned and no doubt by now know, our self-centered imaginations usually respond to this kind of totally non-worldly common teaching by wiggling around and explaining it away. That is turning it into familiar worldly common ideas. This verse makes it totally clear that when Moonsun says "whatever" and "all", Moonsun means just that. 

Never yet have I spoken about 

the origin of water in the world.

In these poems and in this Model Path, "water" is used as a metaphor for the human mind. Indeed we have been taught that we can realize the truth of this teaching through understanding the meaning of the words "clear" and "muddy" in this regard. 

Ordinarily our  waking thoughts are turned out. We think about the world in relation to our self. We, our self-centered imaginations, are at the center of our thoughts. We can calculate and indeed can create imaginary relationships between our self and the objective universe. We make, we destroy, we love, we hate, we want, we own, ,we win, we loose, we enjoy, we suffer. Human beings are capable of using their imaginations to create marvels and wonders as well as disasters both great and small. In this regard the state of our mind becomes the state of our world. And that is not just true of the present. We can project our relationships and our feelings about them back in our memories and forward into the future through our thoughts and day dreams. 

Try this: pick an episode from your memory and use it to define yourself both now, in the past and in the future. If you picked a positive, high spirited episode then you will notice that it colors, becomes a positive and high spirited state and truth of your self  in the past, the present and the future. Now pick another episode and again define yourself in the past, present and future according to that episode. Again this becomes the state and truth of your mind, your self, both now and in the past and in the future. If you have done this little exercise then you can see that in doing so, you are creating. First one complete world, then another. It is the self-centered imagination that has created these truths but the actual power to do that creating comes from deeper in our mind. Now please turn your attention inward and go below all of your creations and find the core, the truth of origin. It is what remains when our limited creations are quiet and settled, leaving only the truth of origin, the truth that is understood in the mind like clear water. 

From the point of view of Moonsun. All of these wonders are intended to be a source of joy. Also from the point of view of Moonsun all of these wonders are relatively shallow. The out turned human mind appears on the surface of Moonsun. Or poetically, in relation to the truth of origin, they are creations that appear in a pond that rises up in the high mountains. Originally filled with pure water, over time the pond has become contaminated with mud and debris. Now to correct and repair the trouble and suffering that has unintentionally contaminated the marvelous self-centered imagination, Moonsun is hastening all of the self-centered imaginations in the world to turn inward and return to their origin. Moonsun intends to reveal the origin of water, the origin of the human mind. As Moonsun is dwelling within the human body the process is one of turning in and diving to the depths of the mind until the true core is revealed and understood.

This time, on the real truth of water,

there is no knowing what kind of talk I shall give. 

We have been taught that Moonsun works in the world through instruments. That is according to the laws of causality. To return all human self-centered imaginations to their origin it is therefore necessary to set up the proper causality of origin in each and every mind.  To set up that causality of origin Moonsun uses instruments, "timbers" to engage each and every self-centered imagination and provide a path of single-hearted salvation for each of us in ways that are appropriate for our time, place and level of spiritual maturity. The source of human suffering and trouble is the same in all times and all places. We all have self-centered imaginations. The solution to those troubles and sufferings is also the same in all times and places. Returning the mind to its origin, single-hearted salvation is the way to realize and understand the one core matter and in so doing realize a life of joy.  What has to be different in this universal single-hearted salvation is the way in which Moonsun's instruments will convince all of those self-centered imaginations to return. That is each self-centered imagination has to be engaged and convinced in a way that is appropriate for that imagination. This is what is meant by saving all of the children equally. 

Indeed there is no knowing what those talks given in all times, places and directed to all levels of spiritual maturity will be. One thing will be true however, they will be based on purifying the mind and returning it to its original condition of single-heartedness with the truth of origin.