Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 166 - 169

I shall begin to tell you about this origin clearly,

but I cannot tell it as long as you think in common worldly ways. 

 It is clear that we will not be able to understand the truth of origin as long as we continue to think in our ordinary  common worldly ways. What may not be so clear to us however, is the meaning of "thinking in common worldly ways".  We could, I suppose, say that the authorities who tried to suppress the opening of the path demonstrated thinking in common worldly ways. Certainly it seems clear that they exhibited a lack of understanding of Moonsun's intention. We then can also include the sincere misunderstanding of all who heard Moonsun teach as examples of thinking in worldly common ways. Indeed since Moonsun has told us that no one understood what was being taught we can see that common worldly thinking is really quite common. It is the way we all think, all of the time!

To do otherwise, to think in non-common worldly ways, would mean that we would have to completely replace our minds and that is  just what Moonsun is trying to get us to do.  Replace our common worldly ways of thinking, thoughts that flow from the self-centered imagination,  the ways that have gotten us where we are now, with thoughts that rise out of a deeper and totally secure foundation, thoughts that flow from understanding the truth of origin in all matters.  

From today, I shall begin to tell you about all matters whatever. 

Listen carefully to whatever I say.

All matters whatever means just that. There is a single origin of all matters and that single truth is what Moonsun intends to teach us. So that we will be able to know the truth of all matters with that one single truth as the foundation of all of our thoughts. 

Day by day and step by step, those on the high mountains

will come to Me to request or inquire whatever things.

In common worldly terms we recognize "those on the high mountains" as referring  to the ruling class. Distinctions of that sort are a part of the way in which our self-centered imaginations view the world. Such distinctions however are meaningless to Moonsun. Our own self-centered imaginations are "those on the high mountains". 

When this comes to be,

there will be no danger in any matters whatever.

One of the ways in which the self-centered imagination defends itself from the truth of origin is to imagine that there is something dangerous about returning to it. At the time that these poems were written there was real official suppression of the path but even then no one knows what is going on in someone else's mind so we are always free to serve the truth of origin in our own mind and in so doing find the one truth. Once understood there is no longer any danger in any matter.