Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XII: 1-2

From today, discerning the heart of everyone in this world,

Moonsun will begin the cleansing.

By this time we have accumulated some experience with these poems and know that what is to be discerned is the state of our own human mind. Our mind then is to be discerned as being either "clear" or "muddy". That is to say that a distinction is to be made between the natural and original state of our mind ( the mind of a three year old child ) and the mind that is covered over by the later addition of a self-image or self-centered imagination. 

In this cleansing, there shall be no discrimination between those 

within and the world. I shall manifest all of the mind of each of you.

All human beings have an original mind (we all have an equal affinity to the origin) and all human beings have a self-centered imagination ( a self-image, the thoughts that make up an authentic experience of a separate self, who we imagine our-self to be). Ordinarily we are only aware of our self-centered experience of the world (worldly common self-centered thinking). Moonsun now intends to make the entire truth of our self known to us by "manifesting", showing us, the distinction between our self-centered imagination and our original natural mind. For this to happen we need to be able to identify our self-centered imagination and make it quiet. What remains then is our original natural mind, the truth of origin. 

The path of single-hearted salvation commenced by Oyasama is the path by which we can sweep away the dust accumulating in the heart, return to the mind of a three-year-old that knows no doubts about his parent, and become capable of savoring the joyous life freely and unlimitedly...

The 3rd Shinbashira October 26,1988