Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XII: 43-46

Today, do not be off your guard even to look aside!

There is no knowing what will happen or when.

Here again is the sense of urgency. Try it out. The whole universe is the body of God. With eyes open and your attention held, without even looking aside, see the self-centered imagination for what it is and see the truth of origin as it is. It is possible to do this even now. 

The truth recorded by My writing brush: lo, it is seen!

Your minds will be spirited.

This, to me, is not a path of threats and fear rather it is a path of freedom and unlimited workings laid down step by step with parental compassion, love and care.  

If only this is seen,

all of you will be filled with joy, whoever you may be.

The very nature of the mind like clear water, the mind of Moonsun, is joy. It is the same for all who return their mind to its original condition of single-heartedness with Moonsun. 

All of you in the world, please understand these thoughts quickly.

It is Moonsun's request.

The state of our mind becomes the state and truth of our world. If we make understanding the truth of origin our first priority and quickly get to work on it then that truth will be seen. If on the other hand we tell our self  that it is too difficult or a truth that lies far away then that too will be the state and truth of our mind.