Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIII 1 - 3

Until today, you have worried about many things.

But from tomorrow, a broad path will open. 

As we first approach the path we tend to rather narrowly worry about our own self-centered concerns (a narrow path) and seek aid and relief for ourselves on a case to case basis. Perhaps having encountered illness or trouble we look for a satisfactory solution that would suit our self-centered concern for the problem at hand. It is not unusual for us to pray that the laws of the universe (causality) be suspended on our behalf. Such is the natural view of God's child, the human self-centered imagination. 

The "broad path" that has been opened by God the Parent differs in that it offers a remedy for all problems for all people in all times, places and levels of spiritual maturity equally. It is a path that offers true and lasting satisfaction. As its method and means employ single-hearted salvation through the alignment of the causality of origin it is a path that surely saves while remaining harmonious with the laws of the universe. 

Until now, because I foresaw all the paths of hardship,

My words were filled with warnings. 

 God the Parent can see the paths that lie ahead of us and has warned us about our future. The tone of this seems to me to be that our parent of origin wants us to know what lies ahead and take heed but doesn't want to frighten us and further burden and depress our self-centered imaginations. It is I think a problem and a care that is familiar to parents. We all want our children to experience a joyous life but we also know that their lack of knowledge and experience can lead them onto paths that will not be good for them. 

Hereafter, as it is Moonsun who firmly assures you, 

there will be no danger in anything at all.

No matter what our current situation is we can lighten up and lean entirely on Moonsun. In my own case I vividly remember making the decision to rely on the fact that God directly knew my heart as I left behind the conditioning of my childhood to follow the path of single-hearted salvation.