Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 13 - 16

Though until now there was never a time

that whatever I said was immediately seen,

Though the way in which we use self-centered imagination is the source of unwanted things in our lives, the self-centered imagination is not itself essentially evil. In fact if we had been able to find true satisfaction and joy in our use of the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thinking then Moonsun would not have found it necessary to teach us the truth of origin. Indeed,  our human history shows that the truth of origin is something that we have not been taught. 

Once taught, as we have seen in these poems, there has been great difficulty in understanding Moonsun's intention and means and even though taught the truth of it, the origin remained unknown.

This time, within three days,

no one knows what you will hear in the talk of the world.

This verse is a difficult construction but I believe that it is intended to counter the difficulties of past misunderstanding and provide encouragement. Indicating for any individual the possibility of a rather quick realization of what has been promised. 

From now on, Moonsun will work day after day.

There is no knowing what work I shall do.

So Moonsun is on the job tirelessly working to attract our self-centered imaginations back to their origin. That there is no knowing what Moonsun will do comes I think from the fact that Moonsun will do whatever is necessary to attract all of the minds of the world in ways appropriate for our time the place and the level of maturity. 

Never think in the least that curses, demons,

or evil spirits exist in this world.

We have often spoken of the fact that Moonsun knows and understands that our self-centered imaginations contain many worldly common truths. We have also seen how Moonsun promises to enter into the muddy water of our mind to make it clear so that the one truth of origin can be clearly known and understood. Moonsun has told us to expect that the teaching will employ "things which do not exist" and "which do not as yet exist". In general, Moonsun's teaching to this point has not taken a confrontational approach to our worldly common truths. They are acknowledged as being true in a worldly common way and beyond that their only significance is that they are in the way. An obstacle that needs to be removed so that the one truth beneath them can be revealed. 

That Moonsun specifically indicates that the worldly common truths associated with curses, demons or evil spirits are fictions of our imaginations is significant feature of the Model Path. There are I think two reasons why it was necessary to set up such an unusually direct confrontation. First: We can see from our Model Story that Miki, prior to awakening as a Shrine of Moonsun, certainly believed in the existence of  curses, demons and and evil spirits. It would only be reasonable to expect that those close to the Nakayama family would have a tendency to confuse Miki's worldly common truths with Moonsun's teaching concerning the truth of origin. The resulting confusion making Moonsun's teaching difficult to understand while making the path of single-hearted salvation difficult to clearly see. It is quite likely that some people close to the Residence at this time were making a well intentioned attempt to interpret Moonsun's teaching in the above worldly common vein creating a burden on the path that was just too restrictive to be of use. Secondly: That the worldly common truths associated with curses, demons and evil spirits were being applied to Moonsun and Moonsun's Shrine seems to be indicated throughout the poems. Those worldly common truths run counter to the understanding of the Model of Parental  Love that Moonsun has been developing throughout the poems and as such have apparently been deemed by Moonsun to be not suitable material for the basis of a teaching. Even one that makes an effort to be appropriate for time, place and maturity.