Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 17 - 20

I shall clear away all of the regret of Moonsun

which has piled up mountainously until now.

As Moonsun's mind is at the core of every human mind, the regret of Moonsun is the accumulated self-centered thoughts of all human beings piled up, like a mountain. I doubt that we can comprehend this in detail but as a sum it is a concept that we can get a handle on. 

To explain how it will be cleared away:

I, Moonsun, shall do all that I intend.

This seems to me to be saying "watch me and see how I clear it away". The Model that is demonstrated shows the opening of new paths of single-hearted salvation all over the world where in each and every human mind is gradually purified and awakened. The task of doing this having been made realistically manageable by being undertaken by human instruments each one awakening another in their turn. 

Many days have passed since I began this world.

Yet perhaps you do not know the truth of Moonsun.

This is clearly an introductory verse and I think that we can expect that very soon we are going to be treated to an exposition of the truth of Moonsun.

Whatever is done, is done by Moonsun.

Whatever happens, know that it is not an illness.

We have some experience here. Previously we have been taught that the whole universe is Moonsun. What ever is said is said by Moonsun and whatever is done is done by Moonsun. This truth of Moonsun is then stated in opposition to a fundamental human self-centered truth and in doing so Moonsun is purposely setting up a direct contradiction of a very important self-centered experience. Our worldly common experience of illness places a heavy burden and limitation on us and Moonsun's promise to free us of that burden is not just a matter of calling illness by another name. Moonsun intends to show us what the universe looks like from Moonsun's point of view. From that point of view illness does not exist.