Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 13 - 16

Now today, though I have been holding back,

the stomach of Tsukihi has burst open.

 I think that this is not a very attractive image and purposely so. In the parlance of my youth, this is "letting it all hang out". 

Until now, with the thought that you are neighbors,

I have been quiet in restraint.

God the Parent is trying to awaken the other members of the Nakayama family so that they can enjoy God's free and unlimited workings and become "timbers" in the reconstruction of the world of Joyous life for all human beings. Unfortunately the project is not going smoothly nor is it progressing in a timely manner. We have already been informed of the difficulties caused by official suppression of the teaching and the misguided efforts of those close to God the Parent to explain the teaching away with words.

 Now at this point in the poems we are getting very close to home as God the Parent makes it clear that it is not just the authorities that are obstructing the path, the neighbors are also interfering in and obstructing the progress of the path. God the Parent had, as we were told, put up with the doubt, denial and obstruction for forty-three years but now it sounds like God the Parent has determined that a change in strategy is in order. Perhaps becoming a bit more pointed in exposing worldly common truths that specifically obstruct and delay spiritual maturity. In short, we and the neighbors are being scolded. However, because this scolding is occurring within a Model of Parental Love, we are not being threatened with being harmed by God the Parent. Rather we are being told that our actions are adding to the regret of our true and original Parent.

On the universal level that regret is the accumulated dust of all of the human self-centered imaginations. That is to say that God the Parent regrets creating the self-centered imagination, setting its workings lose in the world without any knowledge of its true origin or without any easy way for its true Parent of origin to reason with it. 

On the local level the story unfolds as Miki Nakayama's regret at having taught her children, prior to her awakening, things that were keeping them from awakening to the truth of origin and the enjoyment of the joyous life that is intended for all human beings. 

Here is the problem. The neighbors are exerting influence on the Nakayama children in an effort to to keep them engaged in the worldly common dream that they all share as a consensus reality. Oyasama's regret is that Miki taught that very stuff to the children in the first place. On a universal level this is also the regret of the Parent. All of our worldly common self-centered truths are made possible by the Parent. Everything is what God says and does. So God has created an instrument (the human self-centered imagination) the nature of which is so marvelous in its workings that God is having a hard time making repairs to it. Indeed a regrettable situation. 

But this time, I shall discern your mind, whoever you are,

and begin to work at once.

The state of the mind of each and every one of us equally is to be discerned by God the Parent. We could say that there are three states that are to be discerned. In it workings the mind is either single-hearted with the truth of its origin, sincerely working towards becoming single-hearted with the truth of its origin or it is worldly common with its foundation in the self-centered imagination only. 

After discerning the state of our mind God the Parent will except the mind that is single-hearted and share with it God's free and unlimited workings or God the Parent will tirelessly work on the other two states to ensure their safe return. 

Though regret is so piled up within Me,

I shall save all of you according to your minds.

This seems very clear. we are saved according to the state of our mind. Nothing else enters into the equation. The implications of this truth fit perfectly with the love of the Parent for all human beings equally. There is nothing special to learn, nowhere special to go. We all already have what is needed to realize the ultimate teaching. God our Parent is on our side just as we are. We need only return our mind to the Parental embrace, our original state of our mind to enjoy single-hearted salvation, God's free and unlimited workings and the joyous life.