Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 41 - 44

The origin of it is forty-three years ago.

It is then that I began a great test.

This test is an interesting thing. In creating the human self-centered imagination God the Parent has invented the experience of diversity and limitation of God's own free and unlimited workings where none existed before. The totally authentic experience of the appearance of limitation and diversity was intended to be a joy, a picnic, a real hoot. Now, because of unintended consequences, God the Parent desires to balance that experience of limitation and diversity by revealing the one, single truth of origin and the free and unlimited workings that flow from that one truth so that we can go about our play in the universe in freedom and joy. 

these poems make it clear that God the Parent knows that the solution to our limitation problem is the joy that naturally flows from single-heartedness with the truth of our origin. God the Parent also knows that for us to realize that single-hearted salvation we will have to do the sincere work (service) of settling our self-centered imagination. God the Parent knows that in order for us to settle and purify our minds we will have to be provided with help in the form of instructions, a path or roadmap showing the way to return. God the Parent knows that though the path is made of the same materials and has the same destination, still it will look differently depending upon where one starts out on it.  

What God the Parent does not know, as we have been told many times in these poems, is how to get us to start out on and stay on the path. That is God the Parent doesn't know how to get us to follow the instructions for returning, exactly as they are given. Like any concerned parent, God the Parent is left with pleading and cajoling. 

If only this matter is clearly understood,

there will be nothing that cannot be realized.

The matter to be clearly understood has three elements. God the Parent's intention of a joyous life for all of us equally. The realization of that intention by returning to the origin, single-heartedness with God. And the realization of single-heartedness by purifying the mind (completing the service).

The first two elements do not change. 

As I desire to save all people of the whole world,

this test is of great importance.

The third element is what God the Parent is testing. God the Parent is constantly testing, working out paths in an attempt to attract our self-centered imaginations to the truth of origin and actually have us walk a path of purification of the mind, step by step until we reach the goal of single-hearted salvation. God the Parent is testing the methods to be employed in the Service. 

Until today, while going through every kind of path,

I have been keeping still.

Recall, God the Parent had been teaching through Miki as a Shrine of Moonsun for forty-three years. So, "keeping still" doesn't mean not teaching. What it does mean is that God the Parent had tried all sorts of ways to reason with and attract the minds of the children who had been taught for forty-three years and was now moved by necessity to employing scolding and appeals to try and get their cooperation.

 I am sure that this situation is familiar to most if not all parents. Certainly there are parents who eventually just give up but that is not the case with our Parent of origin.