Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 21 - 24

The regret of Moonsun until now has been

by no means a small matter.

Though we have been able to accomplish some marvelous things with our self-centered imaginations we have, perhaps individually and certainly collectively, also used them in ways that have led to the experience of large scale suffering and injustice all within the mind and body of Moonsun. 

Until today, though you have known nothing,

now, the great main path is coming into sight.

The "great main path" is such because it accommodates all of the minds of the world regardless of time, place or level of spiritual maturity. The raw materials out of which the "great main path" is constructed are the instruments or "Timbers" of Moonsun, God the Parent, trained as they are in the intention, means and methods of single-hearted salvation.

Because I wished to see this path quickly, I have hastened.

From this time forward, there will be joyousness in everything.

As I have often commented, God the Parent is in a hurry for this "great main path" to be realized. It is of course to be a path of joy leading to the joyous life for all human beings. Stop a moment and ponder this haste of God.  It is yet another way of identifying the self-centered imagination, which may innocently be pondering a whole bunch of reasons why this cannot be done just now and imagining all sorts of clever excuses for putting the start of new paths of single-hearted salvation off until the future.  At least that is the what my self-centered imagination is prone to do. Fortunately, every time I fall down God the Parent is there to pick me up brush me off and put me back on the path. God my parent knows that I want to return but I also want to play in the world. Getting one's priorities in order is a big part of maturing. Like any good parent, God my parent wants me to be able to play freely but doesn't want me to get hurt. 

What do you think this talk is about?

If only the tip of My writing brush begins to be seen...

I can only answer this question for myself: I think that this talk is about the fact that the entire universe is a single being and that not fundamentally knowing and understanding that has unintentionally put the self-centered imagination at risk of finding the experience of the world to be less than the joyous life that it is intended to be. 

I think that "this talk", these poems are an attempt to provide a model of the problem and its solution for all human beings equally. I think that the poems at hand demonstrate the interaction of the truth of origin with human self-centered imaginations at a particular time and place and with varying levels of spiritual maturity. 

I think that it is a good idea to ponder that this whole universe is the body of God in all matters. If that is done a new path of single-hearted salvation will open where previously none existed.