Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


A brief resume of our progress through Book VII: Because of the causality of origin Moonsun, taking Miki Nakayama as a shrine, desires to tell all the world the truth origin, the truth of all things in detail. Unfortunately the human mind, functioning with the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all thought, is unable to understand Moonsun's teachings and thinks of them only in terms of the worldly common truths that flow from the point of view of the self-centered imagination.

Because Moonsun can see that the path of the self-centered imagination leads to unintended dreadful and dangerous results, Moonsun has entered into the misunderstanding and lack of understanding that is the nature of the self-centered human imagination. Working tirelessly to replace that shaky and unsure foundation with the joy that flows from the true and original foundation of the human beings, which is single-heartedness with God, Moonsun speaks and teaches in ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the spiritual maturity of all mankind.

Using day to day examples from the lives of the Nakayama family and the earliest followers, Moonsun reaches out to human beings and through the use of poetry tries to open our minds to the reason of heaven. Though there is only one goal, single heartedness with God and one way to realize that goal, returning the mind to its original pristine state (the mind like clear water). Moonsun works to open our minds to the truth of origin in a variety of ways. All paths are explored so that no one is left behind.

To accomplish this task Moonsun teaches the Services that purify the mind and return it to its original condition. To make that truth known to the whole world so that God's free and unlimited workings can be quickly seen, Moonsun desires that a large number of people volunteer to act as instruments in showing the way to remove the "mud" and "dust" of the self-centered imagination. In so doing those instruments will help to recreate the world as a world of joyous life. Unfortunately the self-centered imagination readily transforms God's teachings into familiar truths so that it can remain as it is. To counter this process Moonsun hastens the diligent "sweeping" of the mind so that any and all misunderstandings can be quickly removed, leaving only the truth of origin and the joy that flows from that truth of single-heartedness with Moonsun.


VII 65-73

What are the thoughts of those within

about the baby now conceived?

A new baby is expected in the Nakayama family. The family is questioned as we might well question ourselves. Are our thoughts about this worldly common or do we understand or seek to understand the truth of the beginning of all things?

Never take this to be an ordinary matter.

The intention of Tsukihi is profound.

The family and we are invited to plumb the depths of Moonsun's profound intention, the beginning and truth of all things revealed in detail.

It began on the fifteenth day of the third month,

six years ago, when I received her.

The sources available to me say that this refers to the death of Miki's grandchild six years before.

Tsukihi has held her tightly in an embrace until now,

and to show her quickly is My desire.

It follows then that Moonsun is speaking of holding the soul of that child and desires it to be reborn quickly.

Unaware of this, those of you within

are thinking of everything as being worldly common.

The family, we are told had a worldly common view of this situation.

What do you think this talk is about?

It is the prime matter in the beginning of this world.

They and we are queried again. What do we think about this talk? How can we understand it as being the prime matter in the beginning of the world? Is the unborn child intended to be an instrument in the recreation of the world? Are all human beings offspring of the original instruments? Is the whole universe the body of Moonsun? Is everything Moonsun, even the idea that it is not? The true answer to these questions can only be known through the mind that has returned to the origin, the mind like clear water.

Hereafter, I shall tell you everything

about the conditions in the future path step by step.

As promised Moonsun is making arrangements for a path that extends into the future, a path that progresses step by step to the realization of single-heartedness with God.

Her name is Tamae. If you wish to see her quickly,

thoroughly learn the hand movements which Tsukihi teaches.

Though it is implied that the family did not understand, Moonsun provides a way for them to do so quickly.

If you believe this talk is true,

settle your mind and begin quickly.

The self-centered imagination has been addressed in a way appropriate for its time and place and level of spiritual maturity. If the engagement has been successful the mind is hastened to settle and we are hastened to begin to sweep. Then the truth of all things can be revealed. We can take a moment right now and distinguish our own self-centered thoughts. They are the voice and images rising out of Moonsun's mind. Settle them now and enjoy God's free and unlimited workings. If they will not settle, then quickly sweep them and look through the dust from Moonsun's point of view.

We must remember that without the workings of God the Parent, human beings would not have been created.

Those instruments leaned on God the Parent, melted into the parental heart without adding their own thoughts, and repeated the actions taught by God the Parent with all their might, completely believing God the Parent. I believe that this is the very important model for the relationship between Oyasama and us.

October 28,1981 The 3rd Shinbashira

All human bodies are things lent by God.

With what thought are you using them?