Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII, 11-13

Since it is Moonsun who began this world,

there is nothing unknown to Me.

Moonsun is the origin and the truth of origin. Moonsun, the first cause, remains at the core of all creation. Whatever is known, is Moonsun and is known by Moonsun.

The innermost heart of everyone in the world

is all reflected to Moonsun.

Take a moment and be aware that what is thought right now at this instant is reflected in and to Moonsun. That the world exists is because Moonsun exists. What is seen and experienced is seen and experienced because it is reflected to Moonsun. There is no other existence separate form Moonsun.

Unaware of this, in the human mind,

everyone has only self-centered thoughts.

Of the many marvels that rise up in the mind of Moonsun, the human self-centered imagination is for us the most important and enthralling. As everything is Moonsun, the self-centered imagination is then the idea (an idea that is and is made possible by Moonsun) that everything is in truth not Moonsun. Through the effort of Moonsun we have been enabled to appear and freely function with the worldly common fundamental idea that each of us is a separate identity centered on a separate body. Our self-centered identity then is a bundle of self-images (who we imagine ourselves to be at any given time) centered on a body.

The truth of origin that is spoken of cannot be grasped by human self-centered thought because the truth that is spoken of is not a thought or an idea. It is the reality that pre-exists and is the origin of all thought and ideas. One cannot intellectually grasp the truth of origin. One can only settle one's self-centered imagination and return to the truth of origin.

I have used the word truth several times in this discussion. Worldly common truths flow from worldly common reasoning and are often remarkable constructions. Among all of the truths that inhabit the human mind there is one truth that God the Parent wishes us to return to and understand. In this case the word truth is used to indicate the state of the human mind that has returned to its origin. The original truth of mind and pristine state that exists prior to the self-centered imagination and that alone remains when the self-centered imagination is quiet is the truth of origin for all human beings, in all times, places and circumstances.

God the Parent has laid out a path for all human beings regardless of time or place or spiritual maturity that anyone can follow to return to the fundamental truth of their origin. When the self-centered imagination is quieted all human beings experience the same truth. That awakening is not an idea or bundle of ideas rather it is an original free and unlimited understanding of Moonsun illuminating Moonsun as the joyous creation of all things.

Again these are just words and remain so as long as the enthralling marvel that is the self-centered imagination remains the foundation of human thoughts and actions. What can we do to know the truth of origin? The sincere performance of the Service shows the way to return and awaken quickly. Those who have felt the universal affinity for the origin and long to return there, can perform and teach others to perform the Service that sweeps the dust of self-centered thinking from the mind. It is the sincere performance of any of the Services that makes the mind like clear water, the mind that is a true reflection of the intended joy that is the nature of the mind of God the Parent.

Removing the imaginary and experiencing what remains is a simple enough thing to do. What is it that complicates the Service and makes it difficult to do and teach?