Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


VIII: 22-26

Even until now, I have often taught about My single intent to

save you, but you have not known the real truth.

We are by now familiar with this problem. The reason why the real truth, so often taught, was not known and could not be understood was and is because the "dust" of self-centered truths (human thoughts) continue to obscure it. Though there were people who believed that Miki was god, they, like everybody else, believed that in ways that conformed to their self-centered expectations. In addition they were not able to believe that they could become single-hearted with God through the performance of the Service. Nor were they able to understand the importance of MoonSun and the true origin of the world.

Whatever I say, it is the word of Moonsun.

If only you would listen to My words as truth...

It is within this context of misunderstanding that God the Parent continued to try and find a way to draw their minds back to Moonsun and the truth of origin. Even today we have been exposed to the teaching that any and everything is all Moonsun and by Moonsun. Then as now people were asked to ponder the words of Moonsun as truth. And to prove the truth of the teaching by settling the self-centered imagination so that what remains can be tested as the truth of origin and the source of the joyous life.

I shall tell you everything step by step.

Listen to My words and understand them to be true.

Step by step always refers to the purification of the mind and its eventual return to its origin. The proof and understanding that the teaching is true is given to the sincere mind that returns to its origin.

There is nowhere but this place

that can be called the true origin of the world.

To help us to settle our mind God the Parent has provided us with truths that we can attach our self-centered imaginations to and in so doing orient them to the truth of origin. Those truths are designed by God the Parent to lead us to the truth of origin and the joyous life free of illness, suffering and death. Because of the tireless efforts made by God the Parent on our behalf, we can attach to and gradually understand the truth of any and everything by understanding: The truth of the person of God the Parent and the Divine Model, the truth of the Kanrodai through an object that marks the place where human beings are created and the truth of MoonSun as a way to understand the way in which the universe is created and appears. And now, in the month that this poem was written God the Parent gives us the identification of the "Jiba", the place where human beings were and continue to be created, as a place to attach our self-centered imaginations on their path to settling back into the truth of origin. As the mind settles and returns to its origin the truth that indeed there "is no nowhere but this place that can be called the true origin of the world " becomes clear.

What do you think of this talk?

It is from my desire to teach you all about everything.

What do we think of this talk and the one truth that is God, the Kanrodai, Moonsun and the Jiba? Taking God the Parent's teaching as true and pondering in all matters that the whole universe is the body of God is the way to quickly purify the mind and awaken to the truth of everything and the joyous life. This too deserves to be called the perfection of the Service.


Indeed after thirty years had passed, God the Parent for the first time identified the core of universal salvation not only in terms of person and in terms of place, but also through reason that was understandable to anyone. It is truth that people had grown enough to be taught these, but Oyasama warned them of wrong thoughts, which people at their stage of spiritual growth are likely to entertain. "Wrong thoughts" are human thoughts.

The source of universal salvation is the Jiba, is God the Parent. Today the truth of this goes without saying. Yet it was to teach this very truth, and thereby make people understand that it is unnecessary to rely on anything else, that Oyasama gradually instructed us through such varied means.

The Third Shinbashira, January, 26,1990