This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

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What is the purpose and intention of Tenrikyo ?

The name Tenrikyo means the reason or truth of heaven. Heaven in this context means the truth of origin of any and everything. It is called the reason of heaven because the steps of the path lead to a reasonable proof. Tenrikyo is a path or series of ordered steps or instructions that rely on the human ability to use the power of reason to quickly test for a promised result. It is called the truth of heaven because the action that it proposes can be tested known and understood by anyone willing to sincerely follow the instructions that are provided. We are then each invited to take the matter of the reason or truth of heaven as our own concern and test it for proof.

The meaning that is intended for the terms that demonstrate the Reason or Truth of Heaven is called single-hearted. That meaning is based on the knowledge and understanding of the one truth that lies deeper in the human mind than the self-centered imagination. The truth that is revealed or exposed when the common worldly stuff is moved out of the way. All of the terms that demonstrate the Reason or Truth of Heaven then have to do with knowledge and understanding that is single-hearted at its foundation or with the ways and means of removing common worldly truths so that the truth of origin, the truth of any and everything can be proven, known and understood.

The meaning and purpose of Tenrikyo then is to show a way of replacing self-centered reasoning alone as the foundation of all thought in all matters with the more stable and secure foundation of the the truth of origin so that we can able to reason in all matters from the fundamental natural and original point of view that this whole universe is one being imagining itself to be many beings with the intention that the whole thing be something of a hugely diverse, interesting and joyous picnic. With of course music. Honest that is pretty much what is understood when the self-centered imagination gives way to the truth of origin. Try it and see for yourself.